the ghost writer

it's a conundrum of sorts...

i do not want a wedding. i don't want to pay for one. i don't want to plan one...i'm just not down for the stress to my brain and wallet. i'm weird like that.

so how is it that i love, love, LOVE reading and writing about the darn things? i mean it makes my heart pitter pat and swell...

i became enamored with writing the speech for j's wedding. it was a perk of being her best woman of honor and i milked it for all it was worth. after that, i attempted (for a short time) to write for a newspaper out here in los angeles and do a wedding story type of thing like they do in the ny times sunday edition. no one ever got back to me, but that didn't mean the urge to write about luv stuff went away.

last weekend i went to my friend's bachelorette party and the best woman of honor mentioned she was having a hard time with her much to say, so little time stuff. a girl in the group mentioned to her that i was a writer so she asked if i would help her out. that little heart swell thing that happens when asked to do something you love started doing its thug thizzle to me.

the next morning, with only 3 hours of sleep, i sat down at my computer and started typing away at a speech that would encompass the friendship i had gotten a sense of while hanging with the ladies.

it was a beautiful speech...had me crying thinking about how wonderful bonds truly are and how swell love can be.

today the groom wrote me and asked me to throw something funny in at the end of the speech. apparently the best woman was about to send me back her edits for me to check out lol...the whole situation is hilariously sweet. how special that they're comfortable allowing me to help with such a personal tribute...

a couple of weeks ago i changed my blackberry messenger name to 'the writer'. i thank God for the gift truly is making my friday.

the groom:  hey fishsticks! you can make the director's cut. :)

...i think i will mr groom...i think i will :)

note: fishsticks is a nickname of mine...yes! don't wanna hear no snorts of laughter!


  1. You're so funny Tish...I bet you would plan one someday:)

    And how wonderful to help with such a special moment because not only do you write...but you have a grand sense of humor:)

  2. ghostwriting: there are times we can part with our words with ease and pride ... and then there are times we are asked to give away our words, like selling your child and you just can't fathom it.

    seems like you are finding and giving joy through your writing and that's good to know.

  3. but you'd be such a pretty bride :)

  4. martha, i tend to eat my words so your bet is a good one ;)

    a.q.s. that is so very true. this time i was proud of my words and the gal who read them. i got lucky.


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