frozen ass...sets

frugal is the magic word of the year. (ahhhh!)

a while back i kind of got sick and tired of debt. just woke up and decided i didn't like it, didn't want it, didn't need it in my lovely little life, so i decided it's time to get seriously big kid grown on that problem and nip it in the bud.

what does this mean for your darling tishy pooh? well my friends it means that i'm freezing my assets...which means i'm basically freezing my ass from doing anything involving charging. gasp! do you know how hard that is?! you should try it sometime...i have birthdays galore coming up and i can't buy at the click of a button?... what?!

i'm practicing responsible, sensible shopping. hopefully this will get me out of my debt in a year or less. that means no impromptu flights. (i'm kind of known for those) and frivolous whatevers.

this will be hard...but it will be worth it. wish me luck! i'm trying to remain strong. do you know how hard it is when lucy comes out with a new fitness pant every frickin week and nordstroms has a sale like every damn day?

kidults have a hard time with this kind of stuff...just sayin'.

so check this out! i want a kick arse camera. i've been scoping a nikon d60 for quite some time...then my photo expert buddy ole pal chum hipped me to canons...then i read THIS and well...guess who's mad she can't charge in the name of art?

i also was given the go to help my guy snazzy up his new pad...and i can't even go buck buck on that!? i spend my days scavenging design concepts, thumbing thru books and magazines, reading the ny times for creativity has been mimed the hell up! (i just made that phrase up. you like?)

i mean i get it deep down. consuming for consuming's sake isn't right. it's not what big kids are supposed to do...i KNOW. i know...

if this is what being a grown up consists of well then TAKE THEE TO THE SANDBOX!


  1. I know someone who actually freezes their credit cards in a block of ice so if they want to use them...they can...but they have to think long & hard about it while the ice melts. ;) Good luck and way to go!

  2. It's funny that you should post this, at this particular time. I woke up not to many weeks ago feeling the same thing. I don't like owing people, so I went out and got money orders for a handful of bills I owed and mailed them off. Almost debt free. A few months or so, and I'll be good. There comes a time when you just get tired, and want to feel free.


  3. @em...didn't that happen in the shopaholic too? people really do that?! lol ha! i might have to try it...

    @'s been awhile! howdy! :) i like the idea of being free too.


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