have i ever mentioned i'm not the most creative of blokes? yes, i realize i just called myself a dude. it's residual crap from my last past life.

so i'm not creative at all. when i shop, i look and see what the dummy is wearing and i steal the idea. when i'm looking for design/art/anything i look and i take. it's just the way i roll. the same applies to all the cool music i listen to that everyone thinks is my own discovery.

nope, friends give me my ish. the following list comes from j--the wonder ginger. each christmas her and her buds put together lists that reak of their individual tasty luvs. this one, entitled j's fantastico songs of 2009: 57.6 minutes of pure hilarity, emotion and general awesomeness spoke to me. i share now:

1.how fucking romantic: the magnetic fields
2.heavy lifting: ambulance ltd
3.candy castle: glass candy
4.something new: the airborne toxic event
5.crack the whip: the spinto band
6.suspicious eyes: the rakes
7.creator: santogold
8.bad romance: lady gaga (hate this song though!)
9.tent in your pants: peaches (love, love love when she sings this one out loud!)
10.no children: the mountain goats
11.rush, rush: sexton blake
12.l.e.s. artistes: santogold
13.help i'm alive: metric
14.ache: no doubt
15.bitches in tokyo: stars
16.canary in a coal mine: the police
17.fido, your leash is too long: the magnetic fields


  1. You will one day love the Gaga, too! :)

    And a special note that #10 is the Royal's theme song. Hehe.

    Love you!!!

  2. Love Glass Candy. They're awesome.


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