diana ross on crack

holy smokes! i actually finally really got my hair cut and colored. i changed my appearance. i don't know if you've paid attention, but i've looked the same since 8th grade. it's been quite sad actually.

i figure i'm 29. i want major good changes to occur this year and i needed to start with whatever i could change. i'm working on better financial decisions, i'm changing up the do...more changes to come. this is a big kid talking to you right now. pretty soon i'll tell you cereal on saturday mornings doesn't sound appealing. maybe fart humor will no longer tickle my fancy...you never know.

the curls are crushing my will to live. can you tell?

daniel the haw-tee turns me into diana ross on crack

 and i am made new. the straight part isn't permanent...i was just mesmorized by the silky panteen-like shine. a chick at the salon asked if i had extensions...best compliment i've ever gotten...tear!!!


  1. I've always loved your hair Tish!!! It looks GREAT straight too!


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