sincere pride

i'm new to the world of fitness blogging...i'm sure ya'll have figured that out by now (shameless post proof) so i'm still trying to get used to the whole positive floods of luv that tend to come one's way when they start doing such positive stuff.

getting involved with the fit bottomed girls has been the highlight of my year. i'm learning how to make my body sing...and hoping in the process that i can help others want to take steps to make their bodies sing too.

j sent this link to me today and totally flipped my morning around. i'm so proud to be a part of the FBG team. words can't describe...

frozen ass...sets

frugal is the magic word of the year. (ahhhh!)

a while back i kind of got sick and tired of debt. just woke up and decided i didn't like it, didn't want it, didn't need it in my lovely little life, so i decided it's time to get seriously big kid grown on that problem and nip it in the bud.

what does this mean for your darling tishy pooh? well my friends it means that i'm freezing my assets...which means i'm basically freezing my ass from doing anything involving charging. gasp! do you know how hard that is?! you should try it sometime...i have birthdays galore coming up and i can't buy at the click of a button?... what?!

i'm practicing responsible, sensible shopping. hopefully this will get me out of my debt in a year or less. that means no impromptu flights. (i'm kind of known for those) and frivolous whatevers.

this will be hard...but it will be worth it. wish me luck! i'm trying to remain strong. do you know how hard it is when lucy comes out with a new fitness pant every frickin week and nordstroms has a sale like every damn day?

kidults have a hard time with this kind of stuff...just sayin'.

so check this out! i want a kick arse camera. i've been scoping a nikon d60 for quite some time...then my photo expert buddy ole pal chum hipped me to canons...then i read THIS and well...guess who's mad she can't charge in the name of art?

i also was given the go to help my guy snazzy up his new pad...and i can't even go buck buck on that!? i spend my days scavenging design concepts, thumbing thru books and magazines, reading the ny times for creativity has been mimed the hell up! (i just made that phrase up. you like?)

i mean i get it deep down. consuming for consuming's sake isn't right. it's not what big kids are supposed to do...i KNOW. i know...

if this is what being a grown up consists of well then TAKE THEE TO THE SANDBOX!

something of my mother's

this post is a long time coming...

last weekend i spent some time with a high school friend who has lived out here for years; we've just never connected up until now.

we sat around for a couple of hours catching up and so forth. we spoke of families and our luv lives, etc. and then the issue of biracial children came up. honestly, i've always been quite scared to see how my kids would pop out. biracial women's children are like REALLY don't know what you're gonna get.genetics are magical...

for the first time ever (i know, shocking) i wonder what my mom was thinking when picturing what her future babe with a black bloke would look like...if i'd look like her...if she'd look like my babysitter...cuz i think of those things! i wonder if my kids will come out with blonde hair and blue eyes and make me look like the nanny lol.

i spent my whole life trying to figure out who i looked like. my stepfather's family is sprinkled with some lovely french canadians that have darker complexions and curly hair so i fit right in, but when it comes to my blood--i'm straight thomas. (my dad's peoples)

people say i walk like he walked, moved like he moved, i have his face for sure...but a girl just wants to look like her mom, ya know? i wanted something of hers. both my kid sister's have her curvaceous body...they're all short little hotties while i'm an amazon gumby chick. kind people try to say i have my mom's smile...or chin...or eyebrows (lol!) but it's ok...i realize i didn't get the physical gifts and that's alright.

i DID get her voice. people say we sound a lot alike. i got the love of writing from her (my dad was a chemist), i have her finger nails (which is important considering i would play with her nails for as long as i could before she'd shoo me away as a child) and most importantly i got my mom's goofiness.

people will guffaw at her nerdiness from time to time and i'll just sit back quietly and smile. i definitely got her zaniness for life.

for my dear friends that worry their children will not look like them someday, i say fear not. remember that it's both nature vs nurture when it comes to such matters.

brown skinned, tall, lanky...and whatever else, i am still my mother's daughter thru and thru...and for all those strangers that look at us weird when we hug in public or walk arm in arm, ya'll can gaze at my middle finger nail bed that my momma gave me. (smiles!)

playing pretend

i swear i'm still a kid dreaming of the day i make it into double digits and can see over the counter top. all of, life, etc...well it's all a weird dream that i can't seem to shake.

i was on this big important conference call for my job the other day. i sat and showed directors and vice presidents how to do a, b and c and i swear all i wanted to do was go watch tv, possibly write a blog about it... how scary is it that the future of parts of my company rest on the shoulders of goofy space cadet me? gulp.

when did this happen? lol how in the WORLD did i get here? and what kind of kool-aid are these people drinking if they think i'm a competent one?!



fuel for your tool

shot bloks RULE

a luv note

my friends pretty much rock my world. having a shatty week? borrow my buds and find instant happiness!

i got this in the mail recently from one of my college roommates. it tickled my fancy...reminded me that i'm loved by people that are simply lovely. i swear i feel like i write this darn blog to myself most days. i forget that people actually read it and that i may say something that helps someone else out or makes another proud. then i get some sweet THANG in the mail like dees and i'm reminded that the internet is a big, big place.

according to b, there are different ways to communicate your love for another. the way i need to be communicated with involves the verbal stuff. i need to hear it (or read it)...others need physical touch (a hug or a bop on the shoulder), you know what i'm talking about vern? this random act of sweetness will last me a long, long time. like the weird stuff that flicks out of your teeth when you's gonna stick.

it's good to be loved by the lovely. thank you erin bo derin!

fit bottomed girl stuffaroo


click and be happy.

kick ass

holy bumper dinks! i saw THE most totally awesomely wicked movie saturday night. i saw kick ass--a movie i THOUGHT was a kid's flick about being a super hero. (think shark boy crap) but holy gee wiz was i mistaken. 

the movie was in no way shape or form for little ones. lots of booby...lots of adult content. it was hilarious! the writing? KICK ASS! the action-packed bloody stuff? KICK ASS! (at one point my guy asked if this was a tarantino film) the cast? KICK ASS to the 10th power. the everything? KICK AAAAAAAAASSS!

while the guy went to tinkle, i stood in line to get our parking ticket validated and watched as other folks trickled out of the theater. cuba gooding jr was there. he dug it. everyone was screaming and yelling "THAT WAS AWESOME!"...i give this movie a million kiwis which means you should go see it. that's a nice direct order for all you slow ones.

 i think everyone in the audience now has a crush on this jail bate totally awesomely wicked chick

*meet cute adventures

as i sit here listening to the theme song to beetlejuice i realize i'm pretty darn happy with the way this weekend panned out. 

i've been a little secret nymph lately with my dating life and i apologize for that...(a pox upon me for a clumsy lout) not everyone's comfortable with their business being out there quite like i am about mine (read: my dude ain't havin' the luv and kiwi tell all--after the rose ceremony) so i'll try to manouver and shimmy around the black and white areas into the grey when i can :)

so yes...IZE GOT ME A MAN! all i can say is woo to the hoo tishy cuz he's a darn tootin' good one. i pinch him daily to remind myself of this. and while i'm pretty much a dating guru, i'm not so guru when it comes to mature honest responsible grown up relationships. (lots of douches haunt my past.) this one is throwing me for a loop for sure due to that big honkin' mean fact. i feel like every day we learn something new and cool about dating someone totally i can spend time with him and not want to cut his pee pee off for criticizing me for my wardrobe choice for the umpteenth time. refreshing much...

this weekend we did something that dating folks do that i totally forgot about: i was introduced to a clan of the friends for the first time. 


yes, i've met buds one-on-one before, but never in a group setting where i'm 100% sure they're all there to check out the new chick they've been hearing about. it ended up going quite well THANK GOODNESS! his friends were so awesome and fun and one couple even brought a little girl to play with me (biological clock is still tickin' like a spaz dog in a disco-lit flashing room)

so yeah i brought my favorite kansas city concoction to the table--a diesel. this beverage consists of rootbeer and guiness, more beer than root of course. it's quite tasty and the gang seemed to enjoy it. we hung out, laughed, i listened as the gang told me funny stories about my was really nice and chill and i totally felt welcomed and befriended. (not to mention bud is a chef. can we say KA-CHING!)

mama likes food!

all in all i'm really thankful to the big Guy upstairs for sending me such a keeper. maybe that's why i had to bawl over so many was so that one day i could sit facing my guy and wanna pinch the living shit out of him for being so damn cute and sweet.

*meet cute=me and my guy. we totally had a meet cute kind of hook up situation. maybe some day if i bribe him with enough of his favorite things in life he'll let me tell ya'll about it.

diana ross on crack

holy smokes! i actually finally really got my hair cut and colored. i changed my appearance. i don't know if you've paid attention, but i've looked the same since 8th grade. it's been quite sad actually.

i figure i'm 29. i want major good changes to occur this year and i needed to start with whatever i could change. i'm working on better financial decisions, i'm changing up the do...more changes to come. this is a big kid talking to you right now. pretty soon i'll tell you cereal on saturday mornings doesn't sound appealing. maybe fart humor will no longer tickle my never know.

the curls are crushing my will to live. can you tell?

daniel the haw-tee turns me into diana ross on crack

 and i am made new. the straight part isn't permanent...i was just mesmorized by the silky panteen-like shine. a chick at the salon asked if i had compliment i've ever gotten...tear!!!


have i ever mentioned i'm not the most creative of blokes? yes, i realize i just called myself a dude. it's residual crap from my last past life.

so i'm not creative at all. when i shop, i look and see what the dummy is wearing and i steal the idea. when i'm looking for design/art/anything i look and i take. it's just the way i roll. the same applies to all the cool music i listen to that everyone thinks is my own discovery.

nope, friends give me my ish. the following list comes from j--the wonder ginger. each christmas her and her buds put together lists that reak of their individual tasty luvs. this one, entitled j's fantastico songs of 2009: 57.6 minutes of pure hilarity, emotion and general awesomeness spoke to me. i share now: fucking romantic: the magnetic fields
2.heavy lifting: ambulance ltd
3.candy castle: glass candy
4.something new: the airborne toxic event
5.crack the whip: the spinto band
6.suspicious eyes: the rakes
7.creator: santogold
8.bad romance: lady gaga (hate this song though!)
9.tent in your pants: peaches (love, love love when she sings this one out loud!) children: the mountain goats
11.rush, rush: sexton blake
12.l.e.s. artistes: santogold i'm alive: metric
14.ache: no doubt
15.bitches in tokyo: stars
16.canary in a coal mine: the police, your leash is too long: the magnetic fields

this isn't PC...don't shoot the blogger!

once upon a time i had a friend who had a boss with an interesting *story...

this friend of mine told me how her boss had this son with some sort of learning disability that noticeably affected his social skills, but didn't prevent him from living alone (just in a supervised community.)

so this mom boss calls her son to check up on him. he answers and in a rushed manner explains how he can't talk for long because he has to feed his troll. the mom chalks this up to weirdness and hangs up.

the next day though she calls him back. the son answers and shouts at her "mom, i can't talk! my troll is trying to escape!" and slams the phone down.

the mom, now concerned, rushes over to his place. she opens the door and sees chaos. the couch is turned over and pictures on walls are hanging crooked. just as she's about to call the police to report a crime, her son comes out of the bedroom. he's totally disheveled and has scratch marks across his cheek.

she asks him what in the heck happened and he says "i told you my troll was trying to escape."

at that moment she heard a pounding sound coming from the bathroom. she slowly walked to the door, opened it a crack and peered inside. there...she found a little person.

apparently this dude had come knocking on the son's door--jehovah witness fellow trying to save a soul--instead he was mistaken for a troll and taken in as a pet.

lol i know i shouldn't laugh at this mess, but i was on the ground ROLLING when my buddy told me this story...which is totally true.

...tickled me green. thought i'd share. :)

*after this went to post (don't i sound official?) my heifa ass clown friend told me that the story was false!!! i almost took this down. who makes that ish up dang it?! i hate snopes and love it simultaneously.

sprite of trouble

i am a sprite of trouble

or so i've been told

i flit about my day

letting havoc unfold...

welp...the best friend has left my side of the world and is back in her part of the world--middle earth. ( case you were wondering why the heck i thought i could give ya'll a blogging weekday break)

j and her husband (mr perfect) arrived last thursday and we spent the entire time on the go it seemed. we covered mad freeway and made sure to keep our bellies chalk-a-block full of tasty naughty food over that stretch of time.

it was so cool road trippin' with the gang. we made sure to stop for convenience store beverages from time to time. we visited the getty museum. we took pics. we cooked and we watched the princess and the frog and hot tub time machine. we discussed philosophical things over mexican train (i did not make that game name up by the did!) and later, divided (boys to the south, girls to the valley) for some key best friend time.

j and i went to the farmer's market, got pedicures (where we learned queen latifah tips well. lisa maria presley does not), watched the september issue and vicky cristina barcelona, got dranks and grub at one of my favorite mexican restaurants, and of course watched episodes of sex and the city while drinking copious amounts of wine WHILE maintaining our girlish figures. :)

yesterday afternoon we met back up with the fellas for some roscoe's chicken and waffles and then my darling friend and i parted ways. i hate it when they leave!

i had a great time. got some deep talks in with j...including a whole conversation concerning this ugly grouchy side of us that we're not proud of. our nasty sides pop up sometimes. friends are totally a cure for such misery though...that and an article off of oprah's web site that hit the issue straight on the head.

sometimes we can be some real sprites of trouble. that's why friend time was sooo necessary. there was a moment while we were getting pedicures...all my fatigue, ticks and boredom with work monotony fell away and i was left with my best friend beside me laughing in a chair while some cute vietnamese fella tickled my toes.

a little sprinkle of pics for ya

luna chix

FBG time!!!


LACMA:  the los angeles county museum of art

 this is me wondering if i really just felt an earth quake. the photographer had no clue...

 i look deep when i check out's a ploy to pick up hipsters

 gotta love california art. this piece was titled "first day on the job"...she's a porn actress and they're totally doing it in the background

 surrounded...if you look closely you can see the trickle from where i wet myself out of fear. also if you look close my elbow shadow looks like a wee wee :)

this was one of the exhibits i was too cheap to go in, but it looked really swell :)

this was called "the kite". you can't tell in this picture but the light on the wall was actually a video of a moving's nature for agoraphobics. 

mama and baby azul...i'm pretty sure you should flip the kid over if he turns this color

i ran a 5k and all i got was this lousy accomplishment

boy was a i scared to run today. yes, i realize i've run 26.2 miles...and liked it. 

it's one thing to set a goal that states all i must do is finish the darn race (i'm a typical "type a" nut job. if i don't cross something off the list as "finished" i think my butt would probably fall apart from all the twitching...) it's another thing to figure out how much you suck when it comes to speed. i was scared to be the turtle...i'll admit it. i was hoping for some hare yo!

finishing is one thing. running an actual race that involves speed and runners you KNOW are ten times better than you is another. i eased my way to the start line and waited with the semi-massive crowd of folk who had gathered for the evening 3.1 run. i took a deep breath and i began. 

it was HAWD ya'll! i haven't really kept up a normal running schedule since the race. i could feel my lungs screaming about 10 minutes in and i couldn't seem to regulate my breathing like i used to be able to do so effortlessly. the moment i realized i had no control was the moment my brain went "oh shit!"

luckily, i had a friend running with me. it was her first time to run a race period so i focused more on helping her than me. we ran and at the end we sprinted with all our might. then we figured out that wasn't really the end. we about died. then we kept running, saw the end and sprinted with all our might again...then we finished. 33:00 minutes exactly. (an 11 minute pace).

i now have a pace to start with and tear down :) it's a new goal i guess...according to kat from pretty woman ya gotta have a goal, ya know? the point of all this, though...well i'm kind of proud of myself. i try new things. i'm not afraid to sweat some. i'm not ashamed to admit i ran an 11 minute mile (when i could do an 8 minute in high school.) i helped out a friend thru a hard first run.  i DO things. that in itself is an accomplishment i'll cherish for a long, long time. 

ps. earlier i referred to those who run 10 times faster than me...well one of those speedies is a bud of mine, karen. this heifa actually WON in her division. straight up gold medal ya'll. i think i scared the crowd because when she won i screamed bloody murder loud and jumped up and down...kind of like i, myself, had won the dang thing. it's very, oh-so-nice, to ride back home with a champion. just saying...if you can't be one, befriend one!

rated nc-17

i recently had a conversation with a pervy mcpervington about a certain post he had read. apparently the amount of skin tickled his randy. that randiness spawned the following blurb:  

caveman: you should just put pictures of you in every blog for no apparent reason. and just be like "bam, here i am"

me: lol i will actually do that just for you. i don't know how much skin will be showing but i shall try

caveman: how can u not know how much skin will be showing, when you will have complete control over it? lol. just make it comparable to what you've been doing so far.

me: lol don't tell me what to wear anna wintours wannabe! (ooooh, alliteration!)

caveman: uh...excuse me? don't you get buck with me from a distance. b/c i will not forget and you will pay the penalty whenever i see you, miss thing. u will wear skinful clothing and you will LIKE it.

so without further ado...

BAM, here i am! SKIN SKIN SKIN!!!

love this color. it's recycle...genius name


this is what i looked like post lasik :)
green with writing envy

gnarly bruise and swelling from my recent bike trip

sexy i know...this apparent sell-out better increase my followers yo.

when it resonates...

4.13.2010 changes everything.

my life is a series of extraordinary events that have shaped me into the loon you read about now. as cliche and corny as it sounds, it's true. like corinne bailey said once, "events crush us into something..." if she says it, ya know it's true. why? because she's corinne and she's sweet, angelic, sings on a stage and has perfect curly hair...i don't know why. because!

any who...last week i experienced one of those events...i was invited to this documentary watch party. the film covered bill withers (the artist who sang that sweet, sweet song lovely day and lean on me.) i thought it would be a nice little film about a low expectations left room for a colossal surprise. 

i'm not gonna lie to kick it. this post was heck-oh hard to write. i've hit the delete key one too many times. i wanted to write something as profound and soul stirring as the documentary itself, but i have too much ish on the brain apparently. i'm trying not to give ya'll my written diarrhea. let me know if i fail miserably.

so basically, the film, still bill, blew my mind away. it's been a long time since i've heard a man speak the way mr withers spoke...the way he thinks...acts, ugh i crave men like him! (strictly platonic)

he's this wise soul that captivates you. he's so much more than a voice. he molds music together with his feel it. i mean really feel it after you hear him speak about life. i caught myself writing, jotting down notes like a maniac.

he inspired the heck out of that whole buzzing room. (it actually produced the poem i wrote and posted a couple of days ago.) i would look around...especially at the buddy i took with me and watch as his light bulb would go off...bill would say something i have said in the past or describe why he's written or wanted something and buddy boy would nod his head...find familiarity in the man's words.  it's like he saw me thru him....has that ever happened to you?

somehow this film shined a light front and center and exposed my little bitty heart. he said that before you get to great you have to pass thru alright. if you're lucky someday you'll hear "you are (fill in the blank)" and if you're sane enough to get the message and brave enough to own it, you'll become something to talk about. that made me smile.  i heard my "you are" recently. for the longest i ignored the polite little voice telling me i was a writer. well, i'm sane now.

after the film, the director stood up and urged the audience to buy the film and put together watch parties to get the word out. i plan on buying it ( and having my very own enlightenment session. get the progressive pals together and share the luv...

maniacal marathon supporter


blog luv

i love finding new blogs with new voices and new perspectives.

a couple of weeks ago i met this totally awesome rad chick who rocks THE coolest engagement ring i've ever seen. it's basically a silver ring in the shape of a diamond ring. it rocks! it's a little bit hard ass, little bit cheeky, lotta bit original. it totally smells like team spirit.

i love people with original quirk. her blog kind of sums it up.

i give thee...AN AWESOME BLOG!

he said it best...

to live content with small means;
to seek elegance rather than luxury,
and refinement rather than fashion;
to be worthy, not respectable; and
wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think
quietly, talk gently, act 
listen to stars and buds, to babes and 
sages, with open heart; await occasions, 
hurry never...this is my symphony.
-william henry channing

oh much i have yet to learn. i love reading something as beautiful as the quote above. the switch in my heart flips on and eureka! i feel joy knowing someone's expressed exactly what my heart wishes to unleash. mr channing's blueprint tickled me green but it also exposed the holes i have to fill in alone. i've got lots of living to do, lots of books to devour and lots of people to meet and rump pinch...

today i travel to the distant land of san francisco to do some more of that living i mentioned above. j and i are participating in this totally wicked-licious event for fit bottomed girls. (don't be surprised if i come home sore but hopped up on energizer bunny-like life crack.) i plan to write about it of course...the shameless plugs will keep on keepin' on. hopefully i get some book edits in too. it takes balls to write a book i've decided. my balls are currently the size of raisins but they're there nonetheless. i plan to use them to get my heart some expressive practice.

i'm really starting to like this side gig. the writing, traveling, meeting new people, working out the ticker...well it's empowering to boot. when i wrap it all together, i can't help but admire the unintentional symphony i've started to create for myself.

baby steps to contentment...

an anglophile tickle

hat a lovely thing to behold...

i'm calling her a thing because i don't know what the heck to call that angelic person who stood up on stage, arms extended and delicately served up her heart on a feather. i've never seen someone move so delicately and lovely...lovely is just the magic word of the day i guess.

corinne bailey rae's voice is so consistent...hearing her live was divine. i sat in my chair, closed my eyes and faded away into different emotions and stories.

i haven't gone to a concert in quite some time. i needed that. now if only she would play for me in some back yard...let me swing in a leg hanging out, swaying to the breeze.

lemon butter cuticles


...sometimes i need to prissy out. bert's bees lemon butter cuticle creme is my "girly" ish that i do sometimes when i don't envy  a man's ability to pee standing up.

smelling pretty since 10:30 am.

i brake for good weddings

His hello was the end of her endings

Her laugh was their first step down the aisle

His hand would be hers to hold forever

His forever was as simple as her smile

He said she was what was missing

She said instantly she knew

She was a question to be answered

And his answer was "I do" ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

This was one of the loveliest weddings I've ever been to. Days later, I'm still smiling.

woo to the hoo!!!

today is my 500th post. can ya believe it?!

i've managed to blog 500 times about any ole random ish that's popped into my world. i call that pretty darn clever. this number proves i have the mojo necessary to pull anything and everything out of my keister, wrap it up in a nice tidy kiwi bow and give it to the world.

this blog has become pretty darn addictive. everything i do begs the question "can i blog about that?" and friends are constantly telling me, "you know, you can blog about this if you want to".
so i do...and i shall keep doing. it's just too much durn fun. 


the pimper of all things kiwi

national poetry month

his calls and our responses take a rendezvous

spirituals, hymns, cries of laughter, hearts beat in agreement

sister girl braids and hot sauce, locs, cocoa buttered hands and cornbread feed my senses
mutual rivers running down spines flow from different gene pools into this shared space

deep baratones and a harmony of hands rub some understanding out
and this nook in the heart of south central takes me to my familiar

finding my roots in the grooves of my path...

the ghost writer

it's a conundrum of sorts...

i do not want a wedding. i don't want to pay for one. i don't want to plan one...i'm just not down for the stress to my brain and wallet. i'm weird like that.

so how is it that i love, love, LOVE reading and writing about the darn things? i mean it makes my heart pitter pat and swell...

i became enamored with writing the speech for j's wedding. it was a perk of being her best woman of honor and i milked it for all it was worth. after that, i attempted (for a short time) to write for a newspaper out here in los angeles and do a wedding story type of thing like they do in the ny times sunday edition. no one ever got back to me, but that didn't mean the urge to write about luv stuff went away.

last weekend i went to my friend's bachelorette party and the best woman of honor mentioned she was having a hard time with her much to say, so little time stuff. a girl in the group mentioned to her that i was a writer so she asked if i would help her out. that little heart swell thing that happens when asked to do something you love started doing its thug thizzle to me.

the next morning, with only 3 hours of sleep, i sat down at my computer and started typing away at a speech that would encompass the friendship i had gotten a sense of while hanging with the ladies.

it was a beautiful speech...had me crying thinking about how wonderful bonds truly are and how swell love can be.

today the groom wrote me and asked me to throw something funny in at the end of the speech. apparently the best woman was about to send me back her edits for me to check out lol...the whole situation is hilariously sweet. how special that they're comfortable allowing me to help with such a personal tribute...

a couple of weeks ago i changed my blackberry messenger name to 'the writer'. i thank God for the gift truly is making my friday.

the groom:  hey fishsticks! you can make the director's cut. :)

...i think i will mr groom...i think i will :)

note: fishsticks is a nickname of mine...yes! don't wanna hear no snorts of laughter!

my biological clock says so...


...because it's not coming out until frickin may, i shall settle for clash of the titans tonight. mwahahaha....i don't know about you, but i grew up LOVIN' that darn movie. i think i might wear a toga and some gladiator sandals...let's play the part, shall we?


this is worth the five finger slap...

so d has finally returned from the land of man. (san jose, ca) being the nosy wanker that i am, i immediately started grilling him about what he did and all that jazz.

apparently my boy d got his inner manly man on. these dudes ate large quantities of pizza, attended a warriors game, got drunk at dave and busters and i'm sure burped and farted. (it's their first language i swear.)

the following conversation ensued:

me: wow...lots of man time. did you guys discuss who had the biggest penis?

d: (giggling like a little japanese school girl) noooo....

me: you didn't do the "no I have the biggest one" (i said this with my hans and franz man voice)

d: (giggling like a little japanese school girl ) noooo....

me: well what kind of men are you guys?!

d: he shrugged his shoulders and did his little d dance (he shuffles his feet side-to-side)

i secretly wish i could be a fly on the wall when he's with the boys. i swear they do a bunch of totally disgusting guy stuff that he's intentionally keeping from me...he-man women haters! 

that darn secret societiy ish ALL OVER AGAIN! 

pre-ombudsman (aka the note that keeps tishy from getting the five-finger slap, special delivery from d):  d thinks i punk him too much in my, for the record, d is really the shiznit. only a secure dude would approve this ish i post about him lol...and i do share with him before posting...BY THE WAY! he's the main dude in my life...the one i go to for all the things i need a guy to do...i ask him how to set up my tv to my dvd player...what's the best kind of (fill in the blank) to get from best buy. he's THAT guy.  he just happens to be that guy and a giddy japanese school girl...that is all :) love ya man!!!
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