water, water everywhere...

and not a DANG NINNY drop to drink...

have i mentioned i live in la--the land of opportunity and dreams? have i ever mentioned having a friend named b who happens to be the ex-wife of a quite famous actor in hollywood? probably not cuz i hate dropping names and i REFUSE to do it today (sorry nosy rosies) but for the purpose of this post i have to mention her connects. why?

cuz this heifa was sitting in the cafeteria with me today talking about something concerning her ex acting in a movie with my new found girl crush. then she mentioned how one bud she knows is working on this show while yet another pal has bits on a famous talk show doing skits.

WHAT?! what is all this madness? there are successful actors all around my frickin life and yet here i type...at my insurance job in the valley...my day job. my 9-5.

please someone find me something to heal the pains i feel. such a cruel, cruel life...

just for the record WHEN i make it, i promise to help one tiny tadpole (someone much like myself right now) make it in whatever dream they're going after. whether it be writing, acting...fitness lol i know not. all i know is I'M HELPING!!!

...it's only right.

seeing the water...being so close to the water--well, it's just a pisces fish's nightmare friends. we really need to flap our little flippers in the wet stuff to be happy. we kind of LIVE in the water. (ok my attempt at poetic license now needs to take a break.) 

for realz...we dream and we want those dreams. sometimes i sit at work and daydream that someone recognizes and appreciates my quirks and "it" factor takes a chance on a gal. sigh...just gotta keep the dreams alive. gotta remain hopeful. gotta keep on keepin' on!


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