verbal peacocking

my buddy never responds to my email messages...that is until today when i shared a link with him pertaining to designer sneakers. he immediately wrote me back with exclamation marks and tones of excitement and glee.  being the person i am, i ignored his joy and skipped directly to the part that involved me and my ego.

why on earth would news stories concerning the future of our world...the journalistic endearments...the funny hoo haw forwards float into the inbox black hole of no return, but THAT particular email grabbed up and loved on? (ew, i had a pervy thought. tissue please)

the wanker replied back that it was about fashion....DUH tish.

so now every email i write fashion in the subject line. my middle name is "little girl who cried wolf." what's yours?

i'll continue this until the slow one catches on...then i'll think of some new wolfalicious word

a girl does what a girl has to do in order to be heard. i think eleanor roosevelt said that...


  1. hahaha thats hilarious... i wonder how else this verbal peacocking method can be used outside the realms of online


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