two deuce signs of harmony

i know it's a week and some change, but i finally sat down to breath. i know...purple just wasn't my shade apparently.

my bud b and jersey thru me a little shindig in santa monica. i didn't want to do anything huge and silly this year...just low key and lovely and they certainly gave it to me :)

sprinkles cupcakes are the bee's knees

the gang sets up. 

child slavery makes a comeback

young and (very) old play

 i can't remember the name of this 'sport' it's italian, though. i remember that


my favorite the world (say this like cesar the dog whisperer) frank and fran

trying to steal my birthday thunder

frank gets tied up in a funky way. his father laughs at his expense. cruel world...

b's boys get down

evvie and kat enjoy the lovely

dad and daughter

mother, son and daughter

beautiful day in santa monica

 you know it wouldn't have been complete without the socks!

j pretends to dig me

oh no he didn't!

eventual beat down

gansta mom finally makes it to the party!

later that night...

we meet back up for seafood in long beach

my birthday thing. it was tasty...

i sadly did NOT get to see the movie i wanted but it was showing in theater 13...coincidence? i think not!

 ...and that is pretty much the extent to my lovely day. it was just what i needed and more...


  1. Looks like a fun time.

    I'll try to ignore that favorite dogs comment. Kiwi would be very upset if she knew.

  2. lol kiwi gets love when you let me meet her!

  3. lol kiwi gets love when you let me meet her!


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