sweet disposition

i gots to give up the azucar man...sugar, people, is my kryptonite.

i swear my poor little body was craving that devil stuff all of last week. i couldn't get enough of chocolate (ew gross!), cakes, cupcakes, muffins, candy...just typing it now makes me sick.

i'm not the candy-licious type so whenever cupcakes decide they want to look like sexy beasts to me and i go for the kill, i pay. oh, do i pay! the weekend of my birthday i think i injested at least 8 cupcakes...yeah, when i go out, i go ALL.THE.WAY! i spent the next couple of days tooting worse than a prune juice tester. i apologize to any and all coworkers that had to suffer thru my tummy's trials and tribulations...i know you guys were fighting the battle right along with me.

yesterday a coworker asked me if i wanted a cupcake and i heard my buddy kris yell out, "NOOOOO! she can't have one!"

i sorry. i'm cleaning up my act. promise. hee hee...


  1. Fun Fact: There is no such thing as eating too many cupcakes ;-)

  2. i am huh? lol

    NK...normally i'd say "word to your mother!" but alas my belly says i'd be trippin


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