price of beauty

how i love the oprah show...

did anyone else catch that episode that featured jessica simpson? it was pretty darn endearing. she talked a lot about the issues our beloved media had with her weight as well as the show she's currently doing (the price of beauty--VH1). she goes all over the world exploring beauty and what it looks like to different cultures. 

beauty and i have NEVER been friends. since i was a small kid it's been hammered into my head that beauty is a's what weak women use to get, no--don't value  your beauty, value your brain. don't get me wrong. i'm still a fan of my noggin, but lets be honest. most women are beat over the head with bully messages of prettiness our entire lives. it's supposedly how we define our worth...twitch, twitch in the butt!

i spent a healthy amount of time sitting with my darling godkid talking about how awesome smart girls are when she was an impressionable toddler...tried to encourage that doctor dream... obsessing over something as subjective as beauty scared me. i didn't and still don't want that for my precious mini me.

there was one woman on simpson's show whose face has been destroyed because of her beauty endeavors...she tried a bleaching cream that basically ate the skin on her face. her husband left her and she gave up her singing career because of the shame she couldn't shake. the dang lady had jessica, her buds and me all in tears.  we as women are taught from an early age that beauty is everything. even i'm guilty of this hogwash. i've been in that sad boat where i feel if i were just prettier...this and this and THIS would happen. this show's a nice wake up call...

(i can't believe i'm saying that about a gal who once asked if tuna was fish or chicken.)

as a 29 year old sophisticated, intelligent gal, i'll continue to get smarty and remember what obsessing over beauty can do to a woman's spirit...but there's gotta be a balance somewhere in that game. i don't think there's anything wrong with appreciating women's inner beauty. in fact i think it's essential for sanity.

today i'm packing a quad shot starbucks drink, a scarf that makes my neck feel yummy and my favorite jeans that don't suffocate my legs...that combo right there makes me feel comfortable, light and yes, pretty in my own skin.

think there's hope for me afterall...


  1. " it's been hammered into my head that beauty is a's what weak women use to get ahead..' is rattling in my head long after having read your post. aaahhh the 'price' of beauty (inner and outer).

    jessica simpson played a role (yes, reality tv is not real) and hence playing a silly blond that didn't know the difference between tuna and chicken or whatever that joke was.

    moreoever, it is okay to give props to someone who has GROWN or takes courage to work on yourself to have to answer why you changed from this to that or how you became someone altogether different than whatever you were...

  2. yes indeed my dear...

    as for your p.s. irony in its fullest. be on the look out for me to be doing some reality tv soon. we'll see how real it is...mwahahaha


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