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trigger words...we all have 'em. 

i was sitting with a group of people discussing vacation days and so forth when someone mentioned boston and the butts of the world twitched in unison...perfect harmony of twitches. that one damn word has enough punch to pull the right side of my lip up in perfect sneer. i think of a trip a guy i liked took with someone else and how much fun they had...and because i'm a neurotic girl i then let my thoughts meander to how a guy never asked me to go on a trip with him and how that MUST mean i'm lame...trigger words are not pretty my friends...not pretty at all. dangerous indeed!

other trigger words? a friend of mine who is married hates hearing she's sensitive. instant hubby dog house builds itself and hangs "welcome" on the door. another friend might stab you with her sock knife if you're stupid enough to call her crazy...we all have words that cause dangerous associations...the little fellow who was scared of cute white bunnies...he ain't got nothing on my friends and me!

so how do i work on my trigger word reactions? i have not a clue. just thinking about them pisses me off and sends me into tears. 

note to self and people of the blogging world: do NOT attempt to deal with trigger word zen stuff when it's THAT time of the month. 

like a box of chocolates, ya just never know what you're gonna get stabbed with.

irony...after writing this post i popped onto facebook and read THIS: 

(beep!!!) is going to opening day of Boston Red Sox vs NY Yankees with my babycakes!!! Woooohooo!! Boston here we come!!

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and to think...i used to love that song "i think i'll go to boston...think i'll start a new life..." 


  1. you should get warm fuzzies when you hear the word "incheon." and then you should come and visit me.

  2. lol...i definitely get something when i hear that word


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