i did it for the nooky

trumpets sound...i.have.received. THE NOOK!

what is the nook you ask? well, a nook is the new hotness for book worms all over the world. and for my darling birthday, b has delivered THE toy for tishy.

yes, i realize my idol--mizz oprah--has the kindle, but the nook seriously bit off that ish...bit off a little of the sony ish, got busy and came up with a super baby (kind of like how mixed kids work out). the nook is all things wonderful...i love it.

basically, b took me over to barnes and noble on the sly yesterday and surprised me with the purchase. i was so high on excitement juices i almost passed out. (i kid you not. ask b.)

now that i've spent a healthy amount of time playing with the darn thing, i can say that this lovely thing was meant for me. while going thru the tutorial it asked me what i wanted to name my nook. what?! it already knew how i rolled. it knew my steelo. (mouth hanging open in astonishment) i have named it toby in case you were wondering. the name just came to me. still don't know why all my appliances and toys have boy names...don't analyze that ish. (your mind will turn pervy.)

get this...it also has a feature called "the daily" featuring a post by dave barry--a writer who i used to use back in high school for acting monologues. i tell you the thing just screams "made for tish!!!"

check out his humor...to avoid risking damage to your nook, follow these common-sense nook care guidelines:

  • keep your nook away from raccoons

  • never put your nook into a blender without a really good reason

  • never use your nook as a potholder or an armpit thermometer

  • if an armed person says, "your nook or your life," surrender your nook

  • once a week, brush your nook's teeth and check it for fleas and tickets

  • no, wait, sorry, that last one applies to dogs.

this sucker even lets you upload music onto it...it reads like a real book so you don't have to worry about your eyes hurting from computer screen glow. it's genius.

when it's turned off, cool authors pop up. so far i've seen homer, walt whitman, and virginia wolfe...my heart is in bloom. i am a  happy little book worm.

so yeah good times in tish land. first book i purchased was a hard decision. it had to be something great that would set the mood for good reads to come. i chose zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

i'll let you know how it turns out : )


  1. That is so awesome and I am SO jealous! You hoooooor! ;)

    Also, if someone told me it was my nook or my life, I'd prolly kick them in the balls and run off with my nook.


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