how i see

i wish i could tell ya lasik provided me with the gift of seeing the world differently. i was hoping i'd come out of surgery with some metaphoric--made real improvement...i'd see thru the bad people, recognize the get my drift.

none of that happened.

the only thing i can say about now seeing without contacts or glasses is i'm tired. really tired. i frequently have nightmares involving waking up and not being able to see.

sometimes i have to slowly open my at a time....because i'm scared my nightmares will come true. i also feel really weird going to bed each night because my routine has changed. there's no more taking out the contacts, storing the contacts, feeling my way to my glasses, etc. i'm not complaining. TRUST ME! it's just weird...

i'm realizing glasses and blindness were kind of what i identified with...i was always the girl with glasses. i did that for so long that it's hard to forget now.

i realize it's only been a couple of weeks.

i'm still glad i did it, but i will admit i'm confused. i think i miss not seeing sometimes...just because it's how it always was.

i know...i ate bonkers for breakfast this morning.


  1. Hi! I am doing my homework on having lasik myself. Would you mind if I e-mailed you some questions?

  2. You're not bonkers...just adjusting:)...but that would be scary waking up that way because sometimes dreams feel sooo real

  3. thanks martha :)

    anonymous you can ask me any questions you like : ) shoot!

  4. I was wondering what your prescription was before the surgery. Mine is very high, and I may be marginal about even being able to have this done. Reading your post I'm wondering what it will feel like to shed something that has been such an integral part of my life since probabley 5th grade.

    On a slighty unrelated note, my Lions Club is doing a special collection of used glasses right now (trying for a regional record). If you haven't found anything else to do with your old pairs please consider sending them to us. The Lions distribute them all over the world.

    Best of luck with your new eyes. I hope to take the plunge myself soon

  5. i was -10 according to the prescription was -8, -8.5 though.

    you know my mom just mentioned the lions club. i like that idea. i do have a pair i would like to give. :)

    i'll google a club near me. thanks!

    if you're really super duper interested i can give you my doctor's web site. he's a pioneer of the darn thing. i kind of love him. let me know!

  6. I wonder if the -10 was your glasses script. I know that is usually higher than the contact script. Mine is just slightly worse than yours was.

    Does your doc offer free enhancements if your sight regresses down the road? I've read that that can be a problem if you started with a high script.

    As for your old glasses,please consider sending them our way if you don't find anyone local. Until I got involved with Lions I'm always amazed at how many people save all their old pairs when there's no way they'll ever use them again.

    Thanks again for the info. Nice blog, by the way.

  7. definitely go in for a consultation...they're usually free.

    i do get free touch ups for a year...if i would have paid for $600 extra it would have been for a lifetime but it was under crazy circumstances...too good to be true.

    a lady in the office had hers done 10 years ago by this doc and her vision is still awesome so i was in.

    where is your way?

  8. Sounds like you had a great doc. I am here on the East coast so I think I'll need someone closer to home. I have had two consultations. The first seemed like a real production line place and I was very unimpressed. The second was much better.

    Thanks again. Good to hear about this from real people as opposed to testimonials from the doctor.

  9. ah i see. well dr berg is literally a pioneer on this stuff so if you want to call his office and ask for an east coast referral i'm sure his office would be more than happy to help :)


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