hermes, be kind


oh the shoe gods...i beg them to send me the right shoe. i bought these puppies online which is usually a big NO NO for me considering my sasquatch foot changes and morphs on a daily basis--preventing me from ever finding a perfect fit.


i'm seriously crossing my fingers that this 10.5 shoe is cinderella perfect. if not...i'm seriously gonna throw THE biggest hissy fit that will more than likely result in the shoe gods punishing me with a bunion or something.


  1. i am so proud of you! how far you've come from the day i made you throw away those clunky old shoes at the shoe store ;) i think the shoe gods will forgive this one hissy fit in appreciation of your tremendous growth as a shoe connoisseur.

  2. lmao! oh kaela...i have been so good ever since you forced me to go to the shoe store and throw away my shoes in front of you lol.

  3. life is just too short to wear ugly shoes. that's probably the worst part of being a student and a social worker...all of my beautiful shoes are just languishing in my closet. it's very sad.

  4. those are hot. the heel doesn't look too painful either :-)

  5. right...nordstroms girl. the nine west 'stylefile' sandal

  6. Those shoes look hurty. Fierce but hurty.

  7. i love the word fierce :)

    hee hee...


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