her last single soiree

there's something powerfully emotional about celebrating with a group of women....especially when you're celebrating a woman's upcoming wedding. my friend latasha was one of my first friends on the job years ago. there was always the joke that when someone was looking for a "latasha" they'd come looking for me. i'd reply, "oh i'm the latisha--you're looking for the white girl." lol...that vowel created a friendship that tickles me green. 

dawn, the best woman of honor, was easy to love. do you see the sandra bullock resemblance?

 location: the sofitel
very posh, very fancy schmancy

the ladies start to arrive

the hotel took care of every little detail...right down to the menu

 the food was perfection. i oinked...in a very tight dress, but i made it happen

cheers to a lady..behold the snazzy one

no bachelorette party is complete without the naughty gifts and games...

feminists don't butt twitch, but something happens to a woman in love about to marry. they radiate love's glow

cupcakes sealed the deal--perfect night

true friends will tell you when you're doing too much...ms whip and a tickle

 being in the land of pretty people did something to a sister

...and i definitely felt the love

goof twins

this is what i love most...they've  known each other since 2nd grade. they grew up together, latasha was there for dawn on her wedding day. i think this is when it finally sunk in for the both of them

like i said, i love women celebrating life's awesome moments

thank you future mrs LC for the advice over the years, the sympathy, the understanding--all that lovely sharing stuff that women are just so darn good at. you deserve all the happiness coming your way.


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