hand stamp of shame

oh snap...i came into work today with the hand stamp of shame...which is probably also on the side of my face because i tend to sleep on my hands...i'm a smooth operator, what can i say. the shame is totally worth it though!

so i woke up late because last night i was partying like a rockstar. i went to this totally irish, irish pub down in la called molly malones to see a buddy of mine perform with her band, the ethels. so ethel, my buddy, is the hot little tart featured in the middle. i'm seriously kind of sort of a groupie because the chick is HUH-larious. i probably wrote a post the first time i met her a couple of years ago because the chick is out of this world. i love meeting funny people that aren't exhausting you with their attempts to make you laugh. she's just this quick witted dry-humored miss thang and her band kind of followed in the same entertaining fashion.

they come out on stage in their spiffy suits, stoic faces...and sing a song about a stalker getting off the lawn lol. the laughter didn't stop after that. i don't know if i've ever seen a band that combines this type of humor with actually good band play. (the band that went before them was whack with a capital dub...weirdlings for sure. don't make me talk about them. i'll cry.

the best part though...my home girl plays the drums...oh yeah! what girl out there didn't want to be sheila e as a kid?! she got a gazillion points for that little surprise. she sings, she plays guitar (devilish giggle)...

so yeah...if you are ever in the la area and they happen to have a show, definitely check them out. this is the type of la i like to be a part of. i feel young and alive when i'm seeing new things, laughing with good people and eating irish food called the "shallale (pronounced sha-lay-lee) sandwhich.

just saying...


an ethels band-aid...throwing panties on stage since 2010.


  1. I prefer to think of it as the hand stamp of triumph/awesomeness!

  2. A) The band sounds pretty sweet. Hit me up when they play in LA again. ESPECIALLY if they play at Molly Malone's. Which leads me to...

    B) I LOVE Molly Malone's. I recently had a friend play a birthday gig for himself there. It was the best birthday party ever.

  3. Very cool Tish! Molly's sounds like a fun venue.

  4. breetastic i'll definitely give you a heads up the next time they play :)


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