now did you REALLY think i could go without posting something about st pattys day today? please!!! i'm irish people! and not black irish (hardy momma's peoples are from the green country where beer reins supreme.) i luv st patty's day. i mean even before my green obsession blew up like whoa, i loved this darn holiday. i spent many a holiday looking for leprechauns and wondering where the heck i could find a darn shamrock. my gram is born on this's just a fun day yo!

this morning i seriously wanted to wear every green thing i owned...even if it didnt match (and there's a LOT of green in my closet yo) but the fashion police beat me over the head with the "you're trippin" stick so now i'm rocking a tasteful shirt only...(so not fun)  my work out clothes today are green though!...although i'm mad that i forgot my green nike shoes. hmph

do you have any sort of little thing that just makes you happy for no reason at all? that's what green does for me. there's no's just pretty and fresh and i've loved it forever and it never gets old. (just ask j who's known me since the beginning of time...seriously our names were nicodemus and mathias)
today i have no set plans...i have cardio weight burn class until almost 8 so i'll be coming home...drinking some guiness and calling it a night.

don't get it twisted though...i may be all nice and chill, comfortably sitting here at my place of employment, but all day today i will be internally screaming GREEEEEEEEEN.

i eat, breath, live, POOH green (not really but it just came out).




  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy your Guinness for me! Because I hate the stuff.

    I contemplated renting Leprechaun to commemorate this day but nawwwww. Just can't do it.

    I wore a green sweater to work today. That will be the extent of my St. Patty's day acknowledgment.

  2. i don't DO scary...and since you're my twin and all it's only right you don't watch it either...

    no wonder i couldn't sleep last night! i was probably cosmically afraid

  3. love all the pics in this post. and green suits you. :) you are...eternally kiwi...


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