green pain


1 minute prior...

i tested out eating two tiny wasabi peas. a phenomenon i like to refer to as "fire nose" ensued. 

lets get something straight--on a scale of 1 to 10...1 being for the totally spice wimpies of the world, i'm about a 3. so i i masochist or mad?

i haven't quite figured out why i like to put myself thru such redonkulous pain, but alas i've been doing it for years with various spicy meatballs. some day a therapist will relate this back to my mother and a stage she totally missed the boat on.



  1. That pic is great, lol. I think everyone makes that face after eating wasabi peas, even if they enjoy them.

  2. I was a date once and we went back to her place and she had some of those wasabi peanuts and offered me a few. I already new from experiences with sushi that this wasn't going to be fun, but it was a date so I wanted to be agreeable. I had the fire nose and tried to play it off as a sneeze, it hurt so much. I don't understand why anyone eats that stuff, it only causes pain.

  3. lol you're right lady! it's not pretty either...

    chris, you'd be on the "she's a masochist" side then.


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