fact: i'm a pee parrot

my kidult energy was mad strong this weekend friends.

while i took a short amount of time to be mature and grown enough to help a friend move to santa monica, it was indeed only a short amount of time.

the rest of my weekend was spent with my cousin and her parents down in the OC. i drove down saturday evening--cinammon coffee in hand and that was the end of maturity. from the moment i stepped out of my car and got the infamous uncle ed bear hug grown tishy was no more.

my aunt and uncle paid for everything which totally allowed me to revert back to being 10. perfect cuz and i ate, drank and got merry saturday night (i was drinking alcoholic beverages at 10...wasn't everyone?) and then sunday we spent the whole day at the disney adventureland california place lol.

i have never walked around that much but boy was it fun. in true kiddy fashion we road all the rides we could and watched "a bug's life--3D" which scared the crap out of me. seriously...i screamed three times while small children laughed and sat quietly watching. i'm sorry but unexpected pokes, smells and water are not my cup of tea. my family announced quickly after we left that they would no longer sit by me on anything...i tend to be jumpy. i find this endearing...it means i'm easily relaxed...i trust my surroundings to be peaceful and when that trust is disturbed i spaz...that's my story i'm going with anyways.

we ate like kings...i had this AMAZING sour dough bread bowl with veggie chili (ate the whole darn thing and it was bigger than my face!) and took an obscene amount of pee breaks. every time my cousin or aunt had to go i'd go just in case i'd miss my window of peeful opportunities....so we ended up peeing like 5 times thru out the day. i quickly developed a routine--hold breath, grab paper butt protector, sit down, release breath, rehold breath, pee, wipe hurry up and go...theme park bathrooms always have poopy little kids getting changed and the smell makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. still didn't stop me from peeing though...

by the end of the day i was in need of a stroller and some coffee...being a kid is exhausting. won't need to recreate that one for a bit. sad too because i have two free tickets to go back to the park in 30 days...it ain't happening. give me some prune juice, coffee and all the adult things of the world.


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