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something happened when i started figuring out maybe i do have a purpose, talent and achievable dream after all...i actually started looking at my life with new gusto.

last week my agent called me up (kind of snarky-like) telling me i needed to get my keister in the office to update my contracts and go over new pictures they should submit. mind you the last meeting i had with them was this time last year. i was feeling a little bothered by the whole thing since i've done absolutely nada for them since moving out here. (every job i've landed was due to my own hustle.) i came in with my guard up but left with a smile on my face. 

long gone was the snarky agent. i said hello to my sweet and tiny pimp agent and the happy began. i signed a grip of papers that i've never signed before actually...stuff that means they can book me for AFTRA jobs as well as other goodies that pay nice-like. that's IF and WHEN i get the darn job, but the hope in itself was nice. 

i signed my contracts. i handed over the last set of pics i did this time last year and the rest of the time was spent discussing my toby the nook (my eBook people!), the cancer scare crap from last year...that surprisingly she remembered in detail and what i've been doing since our last meeting.

she actually smirked at me when i mentioned the reality tv show. i told her not to judge and she burst out laughing. she said as long as i knew i had signed my life away to said network she was cool with it. i told her my face on the boob tube could lead to her getting cash in her designer bag...that put a smile on her face. 

i also mentioned the book. i think i saw a butt twitch actually...could tell the wheels in her noggin were spinning, wondering if i had possibly written about that i think about it i didn't. ha! i might have to add something. remind me of this later when i'm cursing the gods above for having to write another damn word. 

so yeah, i'm back to being an actress in training i guess. to this day i REFUSE to say i am an actress if i'm not working. i am comfortable with terms that explain the real deal...ya feel me?

acting, book and NOW a new book that my best bud j totally gave me the inspiration for. when my creative juices start flowing life's good. the empire of kiwi is strong yo. 

i just heart my dress. (only reason for this pic)
dressing up for the tiny one is a must.


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