according to the horoscope gurus pisces (that's me!!!) peeps tend to be dreamers. i always took this to mean i'd have my head in the clouds, but lately it's meant literally i dream and remember those dreams...all.the.time.

i recently dreamed that i was going to the dating in the dark interview and ended up on a stage with a panel of phenomenal women. they were writers, dancers, singers...women that are totally respected for their noggins...and i was sitting there looking out into the faces of the audience wondering how the heck i ended up on stage and if i should speak up and let folks know i wasn't supposed to be there.

i went to the restroom and came back and then it hit me that i could do this...i got up and decided i'd talk about my life...much like i do in the book i'm writing and this blog. i was comfortable and the audience seemed captivated. i said "so i moved to los angeles to do the acting thing..." and then i woke up.

i smiled as i opened my eyes...i was totally cool, calm and collected talking about my life story to a room full of people and i didn't feel the least bit self conscious. my words weren't irrelevent or beneath the other women. i was just me--talking to some people...

i dig that dream lots.


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