a bad seed

i went and watched my homeboy play ball the other night. (do you now imagine me with cornrows and a deep voice? for some reason i did...) anyways, it was amazing how much his team's game has changed since the last time i partook in their little basketball jones action.

while the team used to go out there and talk mad smack... bring a little AND ONE street ball action to the table, now they play lifeless and mad... pissed and tainted by one bad seed on the team--a ball  hoggin dude who believes his jordans give him the license to berate his team and bark orders.

you can see the old school brotherhood trying to stick together, but it's no match for the spore. i know you think i'm mean but the dude is uber tiny (like spud mckenzie) so this name suits the little napolean shit.

he's infected the comradeship of boys with pooh mouth funkiness.

it's sad to behold my friends. isn't it crazy how one bad seed can throw off a whole vibe?

i think i'll learn from this. i'll work hard to prevent the little spores of the world from trash talking my happiness into the ground.

that's tomorrow though. right now, at this moment, all i wanna do is shove the little one in a net and leave him there until he's ready to play nice... either that or do the pull the shorts down as another person trips him from behind...nice girls can school too.



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