9 twenties

j celebrated the end of her 20s by writing a beautiful declaration of what the last year meant and how it would help her grow and make the most of these crazy wonderful things we call youth and life.

b celebrated the end of her 20s by rockin out in vegas and starting a beauty regime that is reserved for only the girliest of girls.

so i guess there's a moment where you reflect. you do what you love with the ones you love. you try to see the good parts of the 20s...it's a hard job i admit (the 20s have been BANANAS!) but it's something we have to look at honestly. most importantly, we have to embrace the years to come. the intelligence we pack and take into our 30s is essential to avoiding insanity.

so what's in store for my birthday week? well friends, i think i'm going to fill up with glee every time a surprise comes in the mail from tishy's birthday spoilers. i'll take some time this week to figure out what the heck i want to do with my last year of my second decade on this earth. (it is my return of saturn after all!) 

birthdays are my favorite when they're low key so i plan to make mine just that. last year i was sick and in bed.  i'm hoping for an upgrade this year.


  1. BIRTHDAY WEEK? just week?! Please. So, I celebrate advent-month (meaning March 7th till the actual day on April 7th). There after, I celebrate the ENTIRE month of April. Moreover, I celebrate a week in July (when I was conceived). And then I miscalculate my half-birthday somewhere during the year. It doesn't have to be extravagant or always with people...but a celebration it must be! :)

    My 29th birthday was the hardest by far. I wrote a 10 page thank-you letter, manifesto on 20's, to my closest friend and those who had inspired and influenced me. Basically, if you do your homework on your 29th birthday and up till when you turn 31, then you begin to put into application the 30's that you want.

    Welcome, aboard. I call it upgrading to Cool 3.0 :)

  2. oh i like the idea of a manifesto...and upgrading to 3.0

    goes along nicely with my new perspective on age :)


  3. I'm with a.q.s. I celebrate my entire birthday month, not just a week.

  4. i usually celebrate the whole month (just ask the best friends) but i'm just miss low key this year for some reason.

    it's eery weird for me


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