8 pounds of gold dream

hey did you know that i moved out here to act? it wasn't just to date successfully, believe it or not...

since i was a little kiwi nut, i've imagined a moment where i'd stand on stage--holding that little gold man and finally play out the dream i've practiced for forever. it seems like i've lost sight of that dream lately, i know

...part of it's the economy. (it didn't help that my agent explained to me she was grateful i had a day job...) but mostly it's just me.

i lost it. that's the truth, but lucky for me...all things lost can be found if you look hard enough. 

watching the oscars last night was good for me. i didn't want to watch them... i told bree, the friend who's out here to grab her directing dreams, that i couldn't do it this year...that i'd skip them. who cared...no big deal. then i got sick and needed the company. (maybe one of the only times i'll appreciate a cold--the oscars were soooo good.)

i dug the jokes. i screamed with bree LOUDLY when a shot from paranormal activities popped up. i cried and laughed when sandra accepted her award, i nodded my head "yes" when monique talked politics and i said "finally!" when the first woman director, kathryn bigelow, won.

it was all good...reminded me that there's still some good apples in hollywood. there are some weird crazy cool people that use their gifts to express truths to the world--the kind of people i respect and want to be like.

i'm not completely back...but the dream is far from lost.

bree shares her acceptance speech with me. yes, that's cherry juice. we, the people with dreams, find creative oscars to practice our speeches on...we're cool like that.

i drove passed the site on saturday...it was rainy, but they took care of the guy.


  1. The Paranormal Activity spoof had me rollin!

  2. dude i was about to pee my pants lol!!!

    when steve boinked him over the head it was over

  3. Hi...I just wanted to say that I read your profile and this post and other similar ones where you know...the dream is almost 'tangible.'

    It seems like you have 'burnt all ships' (you can read about that here:
    http://annieqsyed.com/2010/03/part-1-of-4-burn-all-ships/)....so the rest will just follow.

    Intention, intention, intention.

    It's more challenging when you know EXACTLY what you want versus...well...still trying to figure out what you want.

  4. Oh, that's so cool that you can just drive by where the Oscars are being held and can see big Oscar up there chillin'. Jealous!

  5. lol come visit me twin and you shall be jealous no more. TRUST ME!


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