8 minutes of fame


the producers of the reality tv show thought i was funny/goofy-looking enough to proceed...

i have to be honest. i said no at first... i had my buddy ekpo the lawyer take a look at the mounds of paper for me and he said that it wasn't worth it to participate. i told the tv people that and they assured me by walking through the areas of the contract that had my butt twitching and so now i'm back on board. well at least i believe i'm back on board.

honestly, i'm kind of scared. will i get rejected AGAIN or worse, what will i do if i finally DON'T get rejected and go on that show and end up looking like a total dork...and then get rejected there?! oye!

the next step is all the background work...i have to go meet with doctors. gotta make sure my heart can take the beating it's about to receive...gotta make sure that short stint in prison will fly. (self defense doesn't count you know...)

i was starting to get some major cold feet yesterday afternoon so i did what any gal would do in my situation. i went crying to my two best friends and begged for some guidance. they both reassured me that this is a new adventure and i should enjoy the ride. i like thinking of it that way. 

yesterday i was sitting at work, totally miserable and grumpy, wondering what the heck i'm doing and why...it's time to do something about that kind of misery. i can change that ish! like she ra said, i kinda really do have the power. 

so yeah...i'm on to the next round (ding ding ding!) i'm not in yet, but i'm pretty darn close. unfortunately my time on the show would be short...not nearly enough time for me to act a complete fool (knock on wood!) and create a new genre of reality tv evil...just in case though. mom...dad--you may want to close your eyes and plug your ears. a boy could potentially hold my hand or tell me i'm sexy...i know, i know...even writing it caused a small spark of hellish fire to ignite on my pinky finger. 

i promise not to tarnish the family names too much. (i wrote that plural on purpose--gotta love the plethora of fam bam names i have.) 


...now where is that wet, white t shirt. i know it's around here somewhere...


  1. sounds like fun, tish!!! :) you'll do great, how do i watch this? i'm living in hippy land with no tv, hehe!

  2. now you know mo and dad will come up with some creative way to record and burn that ish. have faith little sis.


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