"you can call me flower if you want to..."

i'm a wallflower unless i scream...

my whole life i've been the buddy bud girl. not so good at flirting subtly so if i like a guy i HAVE to let the guy know or else i end up with a work out buddy or what not.

it's quite sad.

this puts my whole dating life in a pickle. i always imagined as a kid that a guy would see me, think i was the shiznit, pursue me and i'd say ok and we'd walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand.

instead i'm constantly wondering if i've luv bullied someone into liking me and if he's really diggin me. it's not digable. far from cool like that.

girls that appreciate the little things and don't expect roses and diamonds get nothing at all. i don't know why this translates as such with guys, but it does...

dating is hard. i have a second interview process thing with the casting folks of the reality tv show "dating in the dark" coming up soon. i wonder if i should mention all this.

it's hard being the kind of wallflower i am...i wonder if it would just be easier to remain quiet, standing against the wall...waiting with my hands in my pockets. doo doo dooooo


  1. You and flower do have some things in common... lol

    And who lied to you??? You are no wall flower... You stick out like "where's waldo" amongst all the craziness... At first glance you're like I don't see anything And then you're like who's that Jesus Ballerina in the corner!!!

  2. Yes!!! You know which outfit I'm refering to.... :P

  3. i feel you, sister! i have no idea how to date people, either, it's awkward lol! yay for work out buddies though!


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