super duper weekend

oh how this week spun itself round...

friday was not such a swell day. if you happen to be my facebook friend, you might have read a posting i flung out into the world about how my job was knocking me down mighty low--how i didn't want to go back to the place, yadda yadda. 

i went out with jersey that night to shake it off, but it just wasn't slithering off my brain the way it should have. of course the fellow got me talking and laughing enough to totally distract me and that was the beginning of better.

saturday i went and did the lasik stuff and found out i am indeed a candidate. the surgery is scheduled for this friday (wha?!!!) and i couldn't be more thrilled. ya'll don't even know what kind of mayhem i'll get myself into once glasses are a thing of the past. mwahaha

then i had that interesting party i blogged about already followed by the BEST night with jersey. i showed up at his place sporting an "i love jersey" t shirt he got me a while back. he was rockin some jersey love on his t shirt as well which had us both laughing and off we went to a j dilla tribute hip hop party in china town. (the reason for the laughs? j dilla was a detroit producer...but what ev...great minds think alike!)

it was so dope being in a joint where i could rock a t shirt and chucks...sit back with ole boy and just vibe to the worries about hollywood divas or douche bag was just chill and nice. jersey and i got in some dancing and some was definitely my kind of saturday night. there was a moment where the beats started vibrating in my chest, i closed my eyes, leaned back against the wall and forgot who i was and where i was...i just got lost in the music.

it was perfect. i felt so alive. sigh...

sunday was all about the super bowl. jersey and i were invited over to his boss' place to watch the game so we got together beforehand and made some of my lovely turkey burgers and some chocolate treats. ole boy added some pinoy love to the pretzels for sure. had us all grubbin like piggies i tell ya!

we watched the game, cheered for the saints (WOO HOOOOOOO!) and then i came home to write you this post :) so proud of myself, because seriously my bed has been calling my name for 30 minutes now...i'm talking about full on barry white voice "tisha baby come on over to bed...i'll make it real nice fo ya" stuff. i'm coming bed!!! i'm coming!

puttin the man to work!
these suckers turned out to be so flippin tasty. he kept eating them before they could make it into the bowl "oops this one's broke, gotta eat it."


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