sans specs, pinch your pecs!

 it started at a young age...1st grade to be exact...

what came first? the glasses or the nerd?

i swear my mom and dad were both they made THIS i know not.

ok so i'm not wearing glasses here yet but i definitely have wonky was the beginning of the end for me

sally jessy rapheal?

they were thick & sad...lets all cry for her

...and finally this week. they dilated my ish after my consultation. this would be glasses covered by blue

sorry for the blurry pictures. i could say i meant to do honor of how i see the world, but sadly, it's just because i don't possess a scanner and took pictures of pictures. whatever. you get the gist and that's all that matters. 
everyone keeps asking me if i'm scared to do it. nope. i'm ready. glasses have seriously and honestly defined my whole world. i can remember going to get my first pair...i can remember kneeboarding and skiing and not being able to see the glass lakes or smiling faces as i splashed on by...i remember contacts and all kinds of stuff...all centered around the fact that i've been blind as a bat since age 6. 

my good pal katarina is my designated sugar mama tomorrow. she's going to try to smuggle in a camera to tape the procedure for this darling blog as well as direct me to my bed and the lovely drugs they will give me post surgery. 
i plan to be pretty doped up and probably won't remember much tomorrow although my eyes will be awesome once i wake up from my drug-induced naparoo. (5 hours of zonk! courtesy of valium...oh yeah baby!!!)

this year is plum full of new stuff, new adventures... i'm ready to see the world in 20/20! hopefully new insights and new perspective will follow shortly after...


  1. Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery. Cheers to 20/20!!

  2. I love the pic's! Even the CJHS shirt! I had my eyes done 8 years ago! It will be simple, quick and you will LOVE it! Good luck girl!

  3. gangster mom (secret four eyed fool)February 18, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    They are etched in your soul... You will always be a four eyed fool... :P


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