lol...i'm kind of obsessed with pooping. figured you might be too since you clicked on the durn title...hee hee. aren't i just a stinker?!...no pun intended! this weekend ended with poo, but it was fa fa fa from being craptastic. 

sunday was spent doing some of the things i love to do in life, but haven't gotten a chance to do in a while...i hiked with my buddy kidd and her two pups, kingston and jay (rock chalk pup). 


i have NEVER moved quite like that on that hike. those little dogs were galloping so hard. i was running with all my might to keep up with kingston. people were giggling as i ran by. yes...a poodle yorkie mix kicked me arse.  apparently we kicked the pups' arses too because this was kingston post run. 


 i felt like snoozing myself but friend time was to carry on.

i went to porto's with bree and then went back to her spot to watch an english flick we both randomly wanted to see from the early 90's. it was called enchanted april. it was just aight and i'm not gonna recommend aight for my nearest and dearest so you can skip that one and still feel complete in your life. you're welcome.

i went to the farmer's market and picked up some beautiful buds for a green vase on my desk (figure it might spark some luv and a much needed push--something needed in order for me to crack that book again.) i also tried a new drink called the "anti-oxidizer" at an organic little restaurant in brentwood...pure pear, lemon and blueberries. THAT'S IT! nada else...gotta love organic hippy dippity do!

i had a good time over the weekend...i didn't write pooh but i did snap a picture of it. that counts for something, right? 


  1. Who are these other dogs and why are you spending quality time with them? This is very upsetting. Don't make me have to bite you.

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  3. Kiwi...don't be mad pup. I still have mad love for ya!


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