phantom blindness

surgery went well..i say that because i can see. i still wake up every morning--scared to open my eyes...i keep thinking i'll go back to being blind again. the first morning i swear i thought i had forgot to take my contacts panicked a little. 

katarina was a great surgery suga mama. she took video which rocks because the actual dvd the doc gave me is a bit graphic and had some folks' tummies turning. 

pre surgery

post surgery:  that ish burned and the light was atrocious but luckily they give you amazing drugaroos to help you snooze and you wake up feeling awesome. i slept 2 hours longer than they expected. i woke up, caught the end of the olympics lighting ceremony and called it a night again. 

i'm not 100% YET they say (gotta wait a couple of weeks) but i see like i did with glasses on...and that's enough to amaze the crap out of me. 

i can't lie. the procedure was scary. i was freaking out a bit being awake while they're poking around in my eyeball, but it was worth it. make up for a month and i have to wear these protective goggles at night. it's all so weird.  i don't think it's sunk in yet all the way...i'm in 20/20 denial.

3 videos below!



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