mimic the marathoner

mimic the marathoner...run the race your heart is meant to run.

in the last couple of days several strangers have approached me and asked me questions about running a marathon. i don't know if it's because i look normal (don't rock ripped out muscles, oakley glasses and running kicks all day err day ) and therefore do not intimidate, or because i'm kind of loud, or they just saw me every day lugging my running bag full of gear down to the gym...hours on a treadmill, sweating it out. 

i don't know but they're asking and it makes me happy and proud. the maniacal marathoner in me lives ever on.

i plan to run at least two races this year. possibly one with a fellow friend either here in california or in olathe, ks and a relay race possibly in may. 

running is something i can be proud of...when you're experiencing the days where nothing goes right and you feel smaller than david the gnome you have something admiral to focus on...

mimic the marathoner...run the race your heart is meant to run...


  1. Everyday I leave work knowing I have to use the restroom. Yet I'm such in a rush to get the hell out I don't go. When I get home I make the mad dash out of the car, through the front door up the stairs and down the hall to my restroom (yes, I have passed 2 restrooms on my mad dash but they aren't mine). That is the race I have in my heart... And I do it everyday... So take that :P

  2. I love that photo of you too!!!!! How wonderful you have that together...and keep running your races ~ that is fantastic!


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