mean streak

i'm sweet? who said i was sweet?! i'm gonna let you in on a little secret if you've never read anything snarky i've written. i'm no angel. my emails to folks can be biting and plain out cold. ask gangsta mom... i swear that's why she continues to play with me on the playground. she knows i pack a verbal punch that will have any kid crying to mrs jenkins sooner or later.

take this moment for example: j sends me this awesome opportunity for fitbottomedgirls. basically, this documentary guy wants an FBG to be in his film and discuss childhood obesity. if they can't make it out to middle earth to interview j, they'll interview me out here in cali.

the following conversation ensued...

j:  Just got a request to do an interview for a documentary on obesity. If it works out, AWESOME.

me: woweewow j!!!

j:  I's just kinda sinking in. They might be able to come to [middle earth] or do it remotely. If they can't do [middle earth]...they will be on the West Coast. Would you be game? [BIG GRIN]

me:  heeeck yeah. i might need to be coached on what to say...cuz you know my behind would tell the story of my chubby little cousin who was in the lake house oinking while we were all outside being active. i took the ice cream out of her hand, shoved it in the back of the fridge and said "go move...move for a couple of hours. no more eating" lol

j:  LOL! Yes, you will need coaching.

just saying...i can be a real peach sometimes :) i like to think i take the "jillian approach"...


  1. Definitely more Jillian than Bob. lol.

  2. haha, i know this tish all too well! :)

  3. Don't worry I would never mistake you for a sweetie... :P

  4. this reminds me of a time in high school when (i had been eating a lot of ben &jerry's) i asked dad if he thought i was gaining weight, and he was just like, "oh, geez, andrea, you need to start exercising...when i was your age i was pretty fit, blah blah blah. "

    i stopped eating the ice cream. :(


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