a conversation with God

 i got on the elevator today and right as the door was about to shut a small man with a slight limp stepped on. he stood beside me with his head down, reading a piece of paper. i noticed immediately that he had some sort of muscle issue--his arm jolted back and forth and his head would rock. i could tell he was trying his hardest to control the spasms that kept rocking his body...he was only on for a moment. then he walked off, head high and a smile on his face.

i wonder how i would be if that were my body...how would i handle the stares and the insensitive questions. my dad has a form of turrets syndrome that has always caused movement in his back and arm. i can remember getting so angry as a kid for him when people would look at him questioningly.

how would i be if it were me? and more importantly...why God? i mean no disrespect in asking that. i thought about this in the elevator. why is it that some people are born with hardships and others not? why can some of us handle this or that, while it would break another? and will one day i get to find out these answers? when you go to heaven do the emotions of this world somehow change so that you can handle the realities that currently rip open your heart?

a total stranger can walk into my life and this whole sad story pops into my head and i find myself crying hoping things aren't as bad as i imagine. i hope that others smile at them and let them know that we're all a big ole mess on this planet and that at the end of the day we're the same and you don't have to hang your head down or feel like you're less than anything you deserve to be.

that's the conversation i had with God anyways...

and then this email came from "mr universe"(this email i get every day)

If you knew how much you have in common with every single person now living in time and space tish - in terms of your greatest hopes and dreams, and your deepest fears and worries - you'd wonder how I manage to tell you all apart.

And from this day forward you'd likely think of every single one of them as "dearest," just as I do.


The Universe


  1. We're all on our own little journeys...separate yet together.

    One of your best posts, my dear.

  2. That is a really sweet, moving little tale.

    Also, I love that the Universe bids adieu to you by saying "Tallyho" :)

  3. thanks you two :)

    bree...i am in LOVE with mr universe. he makes me giggle each and every day. you have NO idea lol...


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