capitol coup

...over throwing my boring regime took work. 

i go to sacramento to get a's always a good time to think, sleep and enjoy friends and atmosphere i only get maybe twice a year. my friends there, chele and beej, are the bomb. love 'em to pieces. i give you my weekend in picture form. (killer meds are zombie-ing me out...time for the bed and some snoozing.)

arco...home of the kings 

we were lucky enough to land suite tickaroos 

i'm still a little fish...meaning i geeked out over our seats

our view. 

 are you two sisters?

the hot italian. we had to break out the jersey shore for this joint!

i give you...ART! the restaurant had all kinds of goodies to snap pics of

i love this bed...seriously some of the best sleep i've ever gotten. they were fearful i was drugged

pha pha pha pho goodness. first time ever trying pho (pronounced fa) so good! just what my tum tum needed

the king of sorrow...this is my nephew jules

  drinks & to-die-for bread pudding after the game

i lack direction 

wii fit was fun. snowboarding game...i sucked.


  1. Way cool! I fly into Sacramento when I visit my mom (she lives about two hours north). I'm diggin' those pics from the restaurant.

  2. oh really?! well the next time you're in that area let me know :)

  3. That bread pudding makes me sad. I want to be eating it right now. Looks like a fun weekend. We had 6 inches of snow. Booo!


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