call me aphro-thena

do you  know how surreal it is to watch ono, shani davis and all these other amazing athletes doing their thizzle in vancouver in a building i've been in? I WAS THERE!!!? remember?

i was chillin in those stands, watching jennifer rodriguez speed around the ice--demonstrating how the awesome kick butt ones handle long track. 

i hung out in the rooms where the athletes prepare before it's time to go...i've breathed olympian air folks!!! yes...i'm totally patting my back for living in the shadows, riding the coat tails of those that rock the world, basically dancing in the second-handedness that ayn rand would butt twitch over...

heck you never know! maybe awesomeness is contagious. my time in the gym yesterday rocked. i was a beast in class and i started researching celebrity marathon inner competition monster is growing like a prepubescent boy's wee wee at the 6th grade dance.

i've been hugging my brain all week. why you ask? BECAUSE my brain pushed me to write...which got me the gig at, which got me a ticket to canada to interview a bunch of kick arse athletes competing...which got me the hat i sport below.

i went to bed last night wearing THE hat...

i don't feel the olympian yet, but it's coming ya''s coming. i already have the name. aphro-thena...part luva part kick arse athlete...all gangsta. i can feel it... anyone else getting emotional over these darn commercials?!


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