brain leaks

the boy is back in town
whenever i have technical difficulties (i.e. computer, tv, car, etc.) i run to d like whitney houston runs to a crack pipe. yesterday i cried on d's shoulder asking him why my computer decided to turn it's back on me. i mean the computer's name IS george after all. george on grey's anatomy WAS reliable and dependable...thus my computer name came to pass. now the little jerk takes five minutes to load anything. it's like i've traveled back to 1995 and i'm waiting for the dial up to say, "you've got mail."

d's solution was an external hard drive, but not just any drive...oh we had to go and get the grown and sexy version...

check this out:

only true nerds would both admit that an appliance can be sexy. that is why i adore the dude. as for the savior's name... i'm going with prince sexy. sleek and lovely. not because it's an external HARD drive as b-the pervert-assumed. dirty filthy mind...

i came home last night to freshly shampooed carpets, a lovely external hard drive to play with AND new internet security (we were going commando on our wireless for years...i know, i know...that's why we got it fixed.) i plucked two grey hairs yesterday from my head. it was time to alleviate any and all worrying i could control!

ps. d also sat with me for an hour in barnes and noble reading a birthday/horoscope book. ain't he just great?

seoul sister
my kid sister is in s. korea and suddenly she's reverted back to being five years old in my eyes. i seriously almost cried reading about her adventure trying to find an eye doctor to fix some eye issue she was having out there. her husband is mr frickin wonderful, but...she's five and she is sitting on my bed on nancy lane reading my poetry books and listening to alanis morissette. she needs me. how much is a ticket to s. korea anyways?

luv lesson for the day
do you watch private practice? the last episode featured a sweet little wedding speech about an anyway friend. what is an anyway friend you ask? well it's when you mess up and make mistakes and there's someone still hanging around that loves you anyways. i love this idea and plan to milk that line for all its worth for years and years. 

i saw a book in barnes...something like get a husband by friday. i wonder if the "anyways" concept is covered in such a work of non fiction. we can all get husbands by friday? i want to just stand by that darn piece of bound paper and see who picks it up...just wanna see.


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