american pie

one memory as a kid that defined the kind of goof i am today (i happen to be the BEST kind of goofy--the unapologetically loud kind) was me zipping and weaving across the waves on a knee board while belting at the VERY top of my lungs the words to "american pie."

imagine if you will a 10 year old kiddoe singing "drove my chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry"...i swear my parents would have to hide their heads as much as possible during my number...which was quite impressive considering my dad had to drive the boat simultaneously.

i would sing, smile and wave...sigh. how i loved my days on that river...

fast forward to today. now every time i hear that song i smile to myself and chuckle. such a strange mortal i am.  i pretty much take the cake for weirdness and i'm ok with that. in fact i love it. (i wouldn't chuckle at that oh-so-sad song unless i did.)

going down memory lane is such a gift. today i remember that zany goof that has made life interesting for me over the years...and added some very interesting material to this lil blog o' mine might i add.


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