-8.5, -8.0

conspiracy theory? i think so.

since wednesdsay i've been forced by gunpoint to wear my nerd goggles (no offense to all those that actually look sexy, cool, smart, awesome, sophisticated in theirs.) i do this with hopes that the lasik eye docs can look at my fresh browns and verify that i indeed am THE almost blindest woman in the known free world, thus giving me the go to get my corneas slit and fixed. (such a cute little procedure)

i think this is how they reel folks in. make me wear these annoying things for a couple of days...work out in them, take showers with them, JUST so i can walk into that office and not chicken out. i HATE wearing the darn things. "SLIT MY EYEBALLS! SLIT THEM FREELY! TAKE MY 23 YEARS OF PAIN AWAY I SAY!" 

i feel like the absent-minded professor. pushing them up every 3 seconds isn't a cute look for me. 

just think i'll be able to have impromptu slumber parties if i so choose "sorry...forgot my contact case. it's a no go edward from twilight.  i can run and look like the bad ass i am...there will be no silly adjustment pushes that rob me of my thunder. and most importantly, i will not have to feel my way to the darn things every morning. yes...i'm THAT blind.

tomorrow is the consultation. cross your eyes for me!


  1. Good luck girl! After being near blind for several days from that stupid medication I no longer secretly wish I wore glasses.

  2. lol glad you finally see it my way. get it?! get it?! ha! i crack myself up!...sigh

  3. -8? lmao! I thought my vision was bad (-2.00 in my right eye) but compared to you, I have 20/20 :-P (no wonder the optometrist laughed at me when i asked about lasik) Good luck with the consult!

  4. yeah i would have laughed at ya too...lucky heifa

    the doctors, without fail, always freak the first time they figure out my stats. it's quite sad.

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  6. Me = jealous.
    Good luck, you lucky, lucky girl!


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