who will save you?

sometimes a stranger will start up a conversation with me and ask me why i moved to la. they want to know if i knew folks out here before coming...if i have family here...support. i tell them my story--the whole schtick about wanting to be an actress more than anything else in the world and how i seriously just didn't think about whether or not i'd need human beings once moving out here.

the first few weeks in la were the hardest times of my life. i was in a sea of people (la's population is ugly big.) no one would talk to me. i'd try to strike up a conversation with people in the grocery line...i'd go home to myself and wonder what the heck i had gotten myself into. lots of tears folks.

that all changed when i met b. she was this pretty girl at a happy hour that was bubbly and interesting and i just knew she had to be my friend. i flooded her phone with texts before texts were cool and finally bamboozled the poor lady into thinking i was cool by inviting her to an industry party for a film had just come out. hot actors would be in attendance and she drooled and said, "you got it sister."

that night we hung out was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. over the years she's the person who's been able to make la home for me. every break up, every work stressor, every family drama...she's seen every tear (or at least heard about it.)

my friends have literally saved me and held me up. you all may think i'm this autonomously strong chickaroo that lives in the solo land of "i can do it on my own" but i have secret weapons in the form of best friends. two to be exact. lucky i know.

i think at times women forget just how important and life changing our friendships are...they sustain us. they save us. my friends both have amazing men in their lives...AMAZING. mr perfect husband recently got yellow flowers for j as a birthday gift. they have this inside joke with yellow that makes his gesture sweeter than gold. then there's b's main squeeze...i recently had to thank the guy for giving my gal so much happiness. she's herself in the best kind of way and it's lovely to witness...after all, we all want to find that someone who we can be ourselves with.

even with these guys we all still feel the need to come together and talk about girly things that men just don't wanna talk about...or try to understand...or want to try to understand ;)

when push comes to shove these women are my backbone...and they deserve to hear that as much as possible. my twin nicole and i JUST had a conversation similar to this...do you ever have times where you just want to hug your besties and tell them you value your friendship? well nicole and i did that (cuz we're cool like that)

it's buds that have saved me from the nunnery!


friend luvah


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