"regard me as a parasite, savoury or unsavoury who battens on higher forms of life"

this quote jumped out of the pages of a book i'm reading and bit me on the brain. yes, it hurt a little...when was the last time you pondered words like savoury or battens?

i can dig aspects of the quote. who doesn't feel inspired by hanging with the gifted and talented fishies in the ocean? i love hanging around those that both move it and shake it--the unique blend of brains that i find myself sitting with at times. but, while i luv me some yummy intellectual discussions, i find that i need a blend of conversations. i don't know if you've noticed or not, but i'm the queen of dumbing-down-talk. i realize most "ladies" don't discuss toots and poots, but i find diversity is the key to my happiness. not so much keen on the idea of attaching myself strictly to the best and brightest minds.

while i was in kc i had the opportunity to hang with my best bud and her peoples. all of these cats are smarter than the average bear. we discussed politics and conspiracy theories--definite normal conversations for these folks. at one point the conversation turned to reproducing and i about peed my pants from all the randomness.

one gentle person said folks shouldn't be allowed to reproduce in the future without passing a series of IQ tests...one guy suggested a tax break for producing kids with high test scores...lol

while i'm fascinated by the breath of conversations i've been privy to over the years, (and appreciate those that love to engage my brain with fascinating info) i did wig a little. i let that whole convo go right over my head into my kid sister's beer.

the whole thing reminds me of that movie,
parenthood, steve martin did. you know...the one where his niece is this braniac kid who knows the symbols for all of the elements while his kid enjoys putting on football helmets and banging his head into the wall. there is a point to this...sometimes you just wanna have fun and zone out. sometimes you just wanna be special. at least i do.

i need some balance. i caught myself wanting to tell a burp or fart joke to lighten things up. i'm pretty sure i would have caused a monumental moment of intelligent/scary/sacred silence though.

that's just me... professors from my past are probably twitching at this very moment.


  1. one gentle person said folks shouldn't be allowed to reproduce in the future without passing a series of IQ tests...

    Did you met my twin? I have held this opinion since I was, like, 16. ;)

  2. lol i think i did meet your triplets actually. (there were two men discussing.)


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