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packing for my first marathon took an excel spreadsheet and some beautifully intense creativity...

i point this out with dramatic flare because i take such organizational endeavors quite seriously.

what to bring:

1. all necessary hogwash that helps one remain so fresh and so clean

2. clothing suitable for running 26.2 miles in 30-50 degree temperatures--the TACKIEST pare of silver running tights will be in the mix. i've had these tights since i was in 6th grade. that's adorable damn it.

3. a most lovely gift from jersey called "the small wonder." this little gizmo takes awesome video and pics. plus it's super duper flat so i can take it with me while we run and snap shots of jen and i doing our thug thizzle.

4. dvds, laptop and chargers...we have to fit some fbg writing in there at some point. i figure i'll blog about the adventures while i'm at it. (that whole 3 posts a week probably won't happen this week...special circumstances you see.)

5. a hair straightener. yes i will indeed come home with straight hair because i haven't gotten to rock straight hair since obama was inaugurated. (kid you not). i have three whole days of rest which means no sweatin out my ish and lookin a hot mess. it's time to be girly and switch thangs up!

other things will find their way into my huge suitcase but those are the important mentionables. orlando here i come! get ready for tish-eetah and j-elle (tish + cheetah and j + gizelle...lovely creations brought to you by my cuz)


  1. I know EXACTLY what it's like to long to finally be able to wear your hair straight. So have fun wearing it straight!

  2. yaaaay! you are inspiring me...i'm mulling over a half marathon...

    love ya!

  3. oh girlie that would be so awesome. i TOTALLY recommend a half. i've never felt better physically and emotionally in my life. plus it's just plain fun :)

    j set me up with an awesome training program. there's one for the half too so if you need a schedule to prepare let me know.

  4. Congrats Tish! What's your goal time? What will you do next? I understand about the hair, I cut my hair at the wrong time, now I work out and have to straighten it every dang day!

  5. under 5 hours lol i can do this man!

    girl as long as you don't sweat it out completely you should try dry shampoo. that stuff is the bomb!

  6. Excited to hear all about it. I have to admit that I don't know what's weirder that you made a spreadsheet to pack or that you can still fit into tights you had in 6th grade....

  7. you will do great!!! Can't wait to hear about it!


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