the sea

b swapped me ipods so that i could check out corrine bailey rae's new album, the sea.

i don't know if you dig the girl or not, but basically for all the non-knowers she had this quirky pretty upbeat album and then her husband died right at the height of her success and she disappeared from the scene.

she's back now with this deeply personal album that has me tearing up at work. "are you hear" is the first track i heard and my bottom lip immediately started to quiver. my only gripe is the volume issues...i'm trying to jam at work and she'll be all quiet and whisper-like and then the chorus will start up and BAM, i have nosy folks in my area popping their heads over my wall asking me to turn down the pain. sigh...that's the only one though, promise.

i love supporting artists who give it their heart and soul...

check it out. it's good to collect beautiful things. makes the world a better place if you ask me.


  1. I'll have to check that out...thanks for the recipe by the is completely one I would just love...but Bobby about faints everytime I mention what he calls "non-meat" to him.


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