the life of a runner is oh-so-interesting. you become obsessed with your want to feed it the best things, dress it appropriately. you name it "brittany love" cuz that's the name you give all your dolls and call it a day.

my bawd has become important enough that i rounded up a foot doctor for the aches and pains i've accumulated over training. i went in last saturday to figure out what's going on with my feet post marathon. let's just say the doc made it interesting...

first ole boy asks me my shoe size for my orthotic i have to get for running...i tell him 10 1/2 and doc cooper says, "whoa! you've got some big ones there! how ever will you find a man?"

my mouth drops open and i bust a gut laughing. he later goes on later to say i'll always have tendonitis issues with my feet because they're so tender...and because of that i'll need a tender man. lol...exact words yo!

only me.

who knew the size of my foot was a gateway into my dating life...


  1. awww...what a sad, twisted reverse cinderella story :( lol!

  2. that's a good way to look at it lol...FML! lol


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