absurdity is my middle name.

i've become unrecognizable. a girl who once hated the gym. once thought fitness luv was reserved for those without necks and clapping abilities now doesn't feel right if i'm not in the gym making magic happen.

i've trained for "THE RUN" for months and months--ok basically the whole year. i think i took a week off total. it was nice taking a week off post run!

the other day was my first day back in the gym for 'normal' stuff like weight lifting, yadda yadda. hate to admit it, but it felt soooo good picking up those weights and squatting down deep...ripping muscles and waiting for the sweat to start dripping.

later that night i called up a dear pal disheartened...while i worked it like a mutha effer in that joint i wasn't sore...i was actually upset that i wasn't sore ya'll! who thinks this way?! 

so waking up the next day, rolling out of bed and groaning from the leg aches was actually awesome. it actually perked me up.

i have issues.

signed tish "the no-neck, no clapping" G-funk mama


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