no-ass-at-all disease

while i love the new runners bawd i've developed from sacrificing my life to the treadmill gods, there is one minor detail that i'm not so fond booty went bye bye. yes friends...i've contracted the "nossatall" disease.

it's totally gone! i'm seriously a stick if i turn sideways.

and people have started to notice...

my cruel best friend posted the evidence of my disease on her facebook page. if this ain't ironic, i don't know what is. i'm definitely keeping a lid on it. waaaa

"it ain't your booty, it's your beauty"


  1. LOL!!! I have the same issue. My bewbs shrunk too. I love that hoody tho.

  2. love how you spelled boobs lol...

    if you dig the hoodie i know where you can scoop one up ;) let me know sister!

  3. Nicole sent me the link.. thank you! I'm SO ordering something.

  4. SWEET! we'll be twins! also if you don't see a color that you like or whatever let me know...I have 'connections' yo!

    wink, wink, wink


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