my kissing theory

so i have this theory...

when folks are down all you have to do is remind them of the first kiss they ever had with someone they're currently diggin on and things will start to appear on the up and up.

one of my gal pals was going thru a hard time back in september. i was stretching my brain trying to figure out how i could cheer her up without pushing a bunch of pollyanna sunshine on her. i don't know why the kissing theory popped into my head, but it did.

to test the theory out before slapping the idea on my bud i asked four buds to tell me about the first kiss they had with the ones they dug at the time and got back some really cute answers that left them all feeling a little better. i think i'm on to something...

even dude friends could remember their first awesome detail and they'd blush and giggle...totally great stories and sometimes hilarious.

puckering up has some lasting effects.

the next time you're feeling down or you have a bud that's feeling blue (and they're not blue about some evil devil spawn that's broken their heart) ask them about their first kiss...and then give me a holler...cuz i'm nosy and i'm a sucker for those types of stories.

for the curious georges...i asked strangers to dish:

can you remember your first kiss with your significant other? was it awkward, sweet, hilarious, weird?


it was fuelled by cheap tequila shots and drunken dancing and it was fabulous!

Sweet. We'd had a very long first date. And at the end, we were at my car (it was 2am) talking. He looked down (he's 6'4" and I'm 5'4") and said, "Oh, what the hell" and kissed me.
I still tease him about his approach, but it was a very good first kiss and I'm glad that he took the chance and got it over with. Don't think I could marry a ditherer.
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yes, but the story is long and kind of whorish on my part... I wasn't intending to be, but apparently, that's what happens when I've been celibate for a while and get drunk... LOL Things turned out for the best though and I couldn't be happier :) Well, I guess I could be, but for the most part he is a pretty decent hubby.


It was lustful, after driving around in his teal green Camaro all night that I thought was totally Bad Ass.
And he bought me Taco Bell and his head was shaved and he was a foot taller than me. He totally had my heart!

It was magic:) He married me at that moment- we were such good friends and it was a "If we do this there will be no going back" kind of thing.

It was so. fucking. hot.
When we first met we would make out for hours on end and it was bliss.
Now I know way too much about his hygiene habits (or lack thereof) for it to ever be that hot again.

We were both drunk at the college campus at night attending a party. I was looking for my girlfriends because I lost myself in the crowd. So I walked away from the crowd to get a better view of it, you know, to see if I could find them.
Anyway, it made sense when I was drunk.
So, next to me were standing three guys holding their beers and watching the crowd. So he asks me if I'm enjoying the party, and I barely answer him, I just nod and say I'm looking for my friends. He introduced himself and his other two friends. He made nice comments to me and it quickly move into a drunk conversation. At some point he asked for a kiss. He was drunk and I was drunk and we both knew we were drunk. So I laughed and said "Okay, look, I'm drunk but that was one very cheesy line. Plus, I don't know you at all. Minus ten points for you."
So he chuckles and starts to try to make me laugh. And I do laugh because he was too damn funny (or the alcohol made everything look funny?) and we spend maybe half an hour like this, him making jokes and me laughing because he was adorable after all.
At this point, I saw my best friend among the crowd and I told him it was really nice meeting him but I had to go. And he was all
"Okay, but I made you laugh. Do I win my ten points back?"
"Hmmm. Okay, you got your ten points back."
"Okay, but I'm drunk so I'm going to pretend it's twenty points."
"So I got ten extra points."
I was drunk, math was confusing and he got me puzzled.
"Umm... okay?"
And here's where he got me. He came closer to me, tripped (I started laughing, he started laughing) and asked.
"Can I kiss you? I got ten points... please. It's only fair, we've been talking for half an hour, I'm trying so hard to make you laugh and maybe I'm nervous because I'm so drunk here-"
"Yes, you can kiss me."
We kissed. I could totally taste beer in that kiss. LOL And when he ends the kiss, he picks up his cellphone and asks for my cell number. It was adorable, I've never done that before and somehow he got my drunken self to feel so good that I gave him my cell phone and three days later we were having lunch together downtown. The upcoming weekend he was taking me to dinner. I've never had such a cute" first kiss with anyone before in my life. It was so adorable. :P

I was staying at his house cause I didn't want to be home alone with my brother. So I was staying at his place, and we were laying in bed talking. He rolled over super quick and kissed me and then turned back over. It was so sweet. We spent the rest of the night making out. I didn't get any sleep.


We were both at a seasonal job in Lake Tahoe. He lived in Cleveland, OH, and I lived in San Francisco. Anyhoo, it was snowing heavily and he was leaving a friend's cabin (all the staff lived in cabins) to go to the bathroom (it is true, we did not have bathrooms in our cabins), and I went outside to meet him. Yes, to kiss him. We did the typical movie-walking-fast-to-each-other-and-then-kiss-like-our-lives-depended-on-it, and it was awesome.
I already knew, way before that, that I would have his children, and told him such. He thought I was crazy, but guess who's gonna have his children? That's what I thought.


It was kind of awkward. We had been friends for a couple of years and had recently started chatting online about where our friendship was going. After several weeks of flirting, he told me that it was up to me to make the first move because he was so nervous.
So the big day finally arrives and we sit next to each other on the couch. He puts his arm around me and we start watching a movie. I was wearing a shirt that he really liked and he kept rubbing the fabric and saying, "I really like this shirt". Finally, I said, "You're just going to have to go for it, because I'm not ready to make that move". So then he did. It was pretty fabulous once we got the awkwardness out of the way.


  1. You are completely right...I think it would really do are ON to something!!!

    It makes me want to ask too just to see now...

  2. I don't remember my first kiss. Oh no, my relationship is doomed.

  3. @ martha you should totally try it. it's can feel what they're feeling--puts you in the best moods

    @ nicole that just means your memory is doomed. i suggest more fish...and a crossword puzzle--both said to stimulate the memory lol

  4. Lovin' this post. It made me think of this, though. The ultimate 'so glad I didn't kiss this person scene.'


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