mountains & mole hills


i definitely love bags...the bigger the better. (i blame that on my texas upbringing.)

i've been carrying the  bag above around for over a year now...the same bag. no matter what outfit i'm wearing i lug this sucker. (this is a fashion no no for the girly girls of the world.)

the fact that i remain loyal matters not to the male species. a guy who spends quite a bit of time with me asked if i'm "that girl" who obsesses over bags.

men really don't pay attention do they? either that or they're a mess of hyperbole. they can blow up the tiniest a dude will be asking me if i'm going to stalk him every day because i returned his call...

yet another life nudge that i should become a nun.


skeet, skeet, skeet!


  1. I'm the same way. I lug around the same big bag no matter what I'm wearing. And the strap is adjustable so sometimes I wear it as a messenger bag and sometimes I wear the strap shorter, like a purse. I'm a terrible girly girl. I should have to surrender my vagina.


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