know-it-all psycher

don't know if i spread the word yet but i'm a cute little correspondent for now. i write here and there and because i take the job seriously i've made it my new goal in life to bully people with my spin on being healthy. (NOTE! i am no expert, nor have i ever gone to school to spout the stuff i spout...just think of the stuff your granny says to you that she believes in her heart to be true. that's kinda how my food for thought works. take it with a grain of salt yo. ok, salt's bad. take it with a grain of grain.

convo i had with jersey:

me: i just told ole boy to lay off the fake should too!

jersey: haha ok...well my cofffee..i need sugar in it

me: that's real sugar

jersey: ok i'll try

me: better for you anyways foolio. i don't trust the fake 20 years they'll find out that stuff grows boobies on your balls

jersey: lol!!!

me: just saying...


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