january 10, 2010: orlando: disney world

the marathon is next weekend. i have been running my little legs off since the second week of january 2009 and now i sit here wondering how the heck it went by so fast.

yesterday was the end of my "big" runs. you'd think that would have filled my fit heart with joy beyond words but i was a lazy little bum yesterday morning. i layed on my living room couch for a couple of hours watching flicks and pondering life. it took j's text stating she was about to go do her run that got me in motion.

i threw on my running skirt and my shoes and got busy and now all i have left is a 2 and 3 mile run ahead of me and that's it before the big honcho.

2010 starts with a finish line dream. that's crazy!


  1. enjoy tapering (i sure as heck did). i'm excited for you... you're gonna run an awesome race.

  2. i'll be thinking of you ms marathon champ!

  3. And a 4-miler, too. :) We really to sit back and enjoy this, girl. We have worked so freakin' hard and through so much...the holidays and, well, life. Now is time to enjoy.

  4. enjoyment will now commence :)


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