the imaginarium of doctor parnassus

have you heard about this flick?

i went and checked this out with someone a while back and was delighted to see something different.

 it's odd, yes, but it sticks with you. visually speaking, the film is fantastic. it's beautiful...and watching heath ledger give his final performance...then watch johnny depp, jude law and colin farrell take over in the places he wasn't able to finish, was pretty touching.

i do not intend to spoil. just go see the darn thing. if for nothing else the main gal in it is the most gorgeous thang with THE most perfect knockers i've ever seen. (tell that to your boy toys ladies.)


the one who was jealous of her perfect knockers


  1. a) Lily Cole is quite pretty in that porcelain doll kind of way... and yes, those boobs are epically gorgeous.
    b) I loved Anton
    c) While the whole movie was visually stunning, I literally could not take my eyes off Depp in his scene. So. Enchanting.

  2. a) lily cole! that's her name! hot dog!

    b) anton is right up there with james mcavoy for most adorable bloke.

    c) i'm not even a huge fan of depp--the sex symbol, but i agree!

  3. Mahalo for following my blog!! I look forward to seeing what you've got going on in your life as your blog seems very reflective of that. And yes..I'd love the opportunity to guest write as a life coach for a blog or anyone that's in need! Keep me posted...



  4. sweet leslie! :) i'll definitely keep you posted. you should check out and see if it's your bag.


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